Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Less Struggling...

Ok, I'm back on track thanks to Cindi last night. Apparently, there is a nice EYELET in my sweater now. Well, not exactly nice, but you know what I mean. I will have to do a repair job when I go to block the sweater. But that won't be until I'm done (har har). I'm hoping it disappears before I get to that point.

Needless to say, I'm sitting next to Cindi on the plane.

Her daughter, Brianna, is going with us. She's the nearly 17 year old. A very mature nearly 17 year old. Cindi said that Brianna is having a tough time trying to decide WHICH knitting project to bring. I told Cindi to tell Brianna not to bring anything. I will keep her busy all on my lonesome!!

And the other gal, Thelma, is going to be doing the exact same project I am doing. Too bad it's not the same color yard or I'd accidently mix up our projects, no? :)

Oh, and I heard from the pattern company last night about their mistake in the pattern. The gal sounded so sweet in her email. How is that possible? I think I sound like a horse in my emails to others. But I digress...She said that there are NO ERRORS in that pattern. That's it's exactly right. Now, I'm a beginner but I know it's wrong. And Cindi says it's wrong. We can't both be wrong, can we? I forwarded her email to Cindi. She's the final word.

We'll we're off tomorrow. I can hardly wait. I'm working today and it's going to be so BUSY I won't have time to think about knitting.

Take care!

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