Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Less Struggling...

Ok, I'm back on track thanks to Cindi last night. Apparently, there is a nice EYELET in my sweater now. Well, not exactly nice, but you know what I mean. I will have to do a repair job when I go to block the sweater. But that won't be until I'm done (har har). I'm hoping it disappears before I get to that point.

Needless to say, I'm sitting next to Cindi on the plane.

Her daughter, Brianna, is going with us. She's the nearly 17 year old. A very mature nearly 17 year old. Cindi said that Brianna is having a tough time trying to decide WHICH knitting project to bring. I told Cindi to tell Brianna not to bring anything. I will keep her busy all on my lonesome!!

And the other gal, Thelma, is going to be doing the exact same project I am doing. Too bad it's not the same color yard or I'd accidently mix up our projects, no? :)

Oh, and I heard from the pattern company last night about their mistake in the pattern. The gal sounded so sweet in her email. How is that possible? I think I sound like a horse in my emails to others. But I digress...She said that there are NO ERRORS in that pattern. That's it's exactly right. Now, I'm a beginner but I know it's wrong. And Cindi says it's wrong. We can't both be wrong, can we? I forwarded her email to Cindi. She's the final word.

We'll we're off tomorrow. I can hardly wait. I'm working today and it's going to be so BUSY I won't have time to think about knitting.

Take care!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Still Struggling...

Ok...one of the gals came by the house yesterday and told me to frog it. But she said to do it one stitch at a time. Like unknitting. It's called tink'ing. Tink is knit spelled backwards. (I am learning so much so quickly!)

So, I tinked yesterday afternoon. Took it out just back to the error and started again. When I had finished the row, I counted my stitches. 116. Great, right? Wrong. It's suppose to be 114. ARRGGHH.

So, I knitted/purled to where the extra two stitches were and knitted two together. No one will know but you and I. The error won't be seen as this piece is the back and I'm starting at the bottom and it's going to hang at my high hip. If anyone sees it...I have permission to smack them, right?

So...I'm knitting and purling along and all of a sudden, I see another funny stitch. Not funny ha-ha, funny strange. Great! I set it aside and do something else. Like call my psychiatrist. (KIDDING)

Tonight I am going to take it to Cindi and she will get me started again.

Rhonda told me that I'm doing an intermediate project and I am a self-declared beginner. So, I mentioned this to Cindi. She said yes, it's intermediate, but that I can do it. (Pray for me, Rhonda!)

You know...if others weren't taking THEIR knitting along and I would not have the undivided attention of three other experienced knitters on this trip....I would not be doing this.

...I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm heading to Houston on Wednesday for the Houston Int'l Quilt Market. There are four of us ladies going...and we range in age from nearly 17 to 75! I am so looking forward to getting away, even though it may turn into a working vacation. Because we'll be buying goodies for the quilt shop.

Anyway, the ladies have all stated that they're taking their knitting along. Well, I hate being left out AND since all three of them are experts at knitting, this is actually the perfect time for me to start a project and take it along. I mean, I'll have three expert teachers at my beck and call. What could be better, you ask? Take a look at the project I've started. Here is a mistake already and the plane hasn't left the ground yet.

None of these ladies is available to me today, so I've been scouring the internet and found some really great knitting sites. After all that research, I believe the best course of action is to frog it. (knitting term meaning 'rip it'. I did not make that up!)

Below is another shot of the mistake. I don't know what happened. But it will need to be redone.

Here is the pattern I'm making with the yarn, too. It's merino wool, cashmere and silk. Sweet, no?

Like I said earlier, I am not an experienced knitter. But I was forced to email the company because this pattern is printed WRONG. It's a simple basket weave pattern. Knit 4, purl 4, etc. After 4 rows, you purl a row and then knit a row (on the right side of the sweater, it will look like two rows of purling). Then you have to look at what you did below and if you did 4 knits, then you have to do 4 purls. Hence the basketweave pattern. But what I gave you above is not the pattern that's printed in the book. I nicely pointed this out to the company and asked them to send me a corrected pattern, but I have yet to hear from them.
So, I'm heading in to my sewing room and will carefully FROG this out. The counting is difficult. After I've done my two rows of straight purl/knit, I have to begin counting to 4 again making sure that I'm doing the opposite pattern I've done below those two rows. The problem begins when I start my 2nd row of the pattern. I can't tell what my first row was. It's mildly frustrating. Good thing this is the lower back of the sweater. But still, I want it to be right.
I'll keep you posted.