Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cousin Dave's Quilt, Part 1

I know, I's been ages since I blogged last. That's only because I've been working on some quilts for a friend's QUILT BOOK that she is writing and I can't show you here what I'm doing. But how lucky am I to get to sew the book's samples!!

But, in the meantime, one of my favorite cousins contacted me and wanted me to make him a quilt. He had one made by our grandmother and was describing it to me at our yearly family reunion. I never got one, but he and several of my cousins did. (I was on the younger end of the crowd and only 6 when she died). From what I gather, her quilt was probably 4 inch squares all sewn together and tied with yarn. Nice and sentimental, but boring.

So, I sent Cousin Dave a TON of quilt photos to see what he wanted. He chose the one above. Hopefully, not for it's name.

Next, I determined I had all this fabric in my stash. YEAH! The only problem is is that this quilt is only 36 x 42 inches and won't cover Cousin Dave by much. The blocks are only 9 inches square. So, I asked my quilt shop owner, Cindi, to redo the math. She can do this so easily it's sickening. Anyway, she redid the block so they're 12 inches square and even graciously gave me a flying geese ruler to use. Sweet!

So, Cousin Dave....the above photo is the beginning of your quilt. Double click on any photo you see in my blog to make it larger. (Sorry, it's a bit blurry when you enlarge it) It's a long weekend and I'm starting today. I finished up TWO quilt tops yesterday for the quilt book, so now I'm sewing for you.
I actually can't wait to get I'm off and running. Take care everyone.


Rhoto said...

Hi Donna!!
It's good for Cousin Dave to see the 2nd photo, too!! To get a wee idea what's involved in making his Batworld!!
Have fun!!
Soft hugs,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

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