Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dave's Quilt Part 3

Ten down, twenty to go. They are not too boring to do, but require alot of cutting.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Spiral Bonding

Weird title,huh?

Well, I got this pattern, ruler and great fabric and decided to take a break from Dave's quilt and sew up these spiral table runner thingys.

Here is one all done. This is the varigated thread I'm going to stipple it with tomorrow (cause we're off to the car races tonight).

And here is a large shot of it all done. I'm making two of them. One in these teal colors and the other in purple Asian fabrics. Now, normally, I dislike Asian fabric, but in this case I am making an exception.

Oh, the bonding part. I've had my Singer 222 since March and I haven't sewed much with it because it's seems stiff and not smooth at all. Husband said it's because it's in such pristine condition, that it isn't "broken in yet". So, I decided to remedy that.

I took it out the other day and oiled/lubed all the right spots and set it up next to my Bernina. I'm sewing with it to break it in and it actually is alot smoother than I remember. Here is the other colorway fabric I'm using for that spiral thing.

This tablerunner look simple, but actually they are not for the faint of heart. You need a long 10 degree ruler and then you've got to cut all these wedge shapes. Now I'm right handed, so the right hand side of the ruler and the top are easy. But trying to cut the left side of the ruler is not fun.
I guess after two of these, I'll be better at it.

Another shot of "Pete" (named for the man I bought him from). Now to just keep him out and sew with him often to loosen him up is just the trick I need.
Hope you are all having a great weekend. Our summer weather is holding on. Right now, 6:20pm, it's 90 degrees. Take care.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dave's Quilt Part 2

First block done. I've bagged the flying geese ruler Cindi gave me. (She doesn't read my blog, so I think I'm pretty safe). I'll tell her why I didn't like it in person.

I used my "Square in a Square" ruler instead. This block has SIX flying geese in it.

If you double click and see it's a little wonky, don't worry. It will be sewn straight into a quilt top and won't look wonky there. Thankfully.

Twenty-nine more to go...oh boy FUN.

I also am wondering about doing all those half-square triangles for the sashing. I may come up with something else.

Cousin Dave's Quilt, Part 1

I know, I's been ages since I blogged last. That's only because I've been working on some quilts for a friend's QUILT BOOK that she is writing and I can't show you here what I'm doing. But how lucky am I to get to sew the book's samples!!

But, in the meantime, one of my favorite cousins contacted me and wanted me to make him a quilt. He had one made by our grandmother and was describing it to me at our yearly family reunion. I never got one, but he and several of my cousins did. (I was on the younger end of the crowd and only 6 when she died). From what I gather, her quilt was probably 4 inch squares all sewn together and tied with yarn. Nice and sentimental, but boring.

So, I sent Cousin Dave a TON of quilt photos to see what he wanted. He chose the one above. Hopefully, not for it's name.

Next, I determined I had all this fabric in my stash. YEAH! The only problem is is that this quilt is only 36 x 42 inches and won't cover Cousin Dave by much. The blocks are only 9 inches square. So, I asked my quilt shop owner, Cindi, to redo the math. She can do this so easily it's sickening. Anyway, she redid the block so they're 12 inches square and even graciously gave me a flying geese ruler to use. Sweet!

So, Cousin Dave....the above photo is the beginning of your quilt. Double click on any photo you see in my blog to make it larger. (Sorry, it's a bit blurry when you enlarge it) It's a long weekend and I'm starting today. I finished up TWO quilt tops yesterday for the quilt book, so now I'm sewing for you.
I actually can't wait to get I'm off and running. Take care everyone.