Saturday, June 27, 2009

Treadle Trouble

Lookie what I got today. DH got this at a yard sale near Spokane. He surprised me with it when he got home.

It's a 1937 Singer 15-88 treadle sewing machine.

Because it's a class 15 treadle, it has REVERSE! Yippee.

As you can see the cabinet it not in great shape. I may swap this machine out for my class 66 treadle cabinet. Then sell the 66.

I will have to wait until I sew with it. It spins freely right now, but does need cleaning. The decals are in great shape, though.

Now to go find that eBay seller and get another belt. Debbie...these things are addicting AND multiplying!


Rhoto said...

Does it EVER look neat!! I can "envision" the 1st Lady of this Machine sewing away for her family!! ;)
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Debbie Cook said...

Oooo ... pretty! But ... oh my ... after having just tried to sew something for real on mine, I can't imagine juggling a Reverse switch too. LOL!