Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yesterday I was at my local quilt shop and saw this pattern. I *had* to have it. My g/f working there asked how much I would charge her for making her this wallet. I said I would only charge her the cost of the pattern. After all, I *had* to have it, remember?

So, I walked out with the pattern to preread it and get ready to sew one up for her. She's still deciding on her fabric, but she had picked some great MOD fabric out. We'll see what she finally comes up with. If you're using only one fabric for the whole thing, it takes 3/4 yard and four zippers.

So, I went home and sewed this one up for myself out of some batiks I had in my stash.

It was a learning experience and I'm really glad I had an opportunity to sew it up for me before I worked on g/f's good fabric. Below is a shot of it loaded with my stuff.

It has two zippered pockets on the outside and one zippered pocket on the inside and all those places for holding your plastic and a open flap inside for money. Plus, the black thingy you see on the left is fold over elastic used to hold a pen in place. (It was all I had in the way of elastic). Oh, and that zipper is hand stitched in. Argh. But I didn't see a way to sew it in with machine. That is, until I looked closer and got to the second one below.

So, in my last post, you saw the cute purse I made for another g/f. is HER wallet made from the same fabric as her purse. I have to add bling and the hot iron is heating while I'm typing this. I hope she likes it. We're having lunch on Tuesday. I'll find out then. Be listening about noonish PDT for a really loud squeal. That will be Charisma.

Here is her's open. Hers went much faster and nicer than mine did. So, now I'm all prepared for g/f #1's good fabric. This zipper is stitched in. I hand basted it in and then stitched in the ditch from the topside. Then I hand picked the ends in and covered them with a fabric tab. It does finish the zipper ends nicely.

I haven't been feeling well this weekend. Sore and scratchy throat. We're going to be down a gal in the office this week, too, because of Spring break so I can't get sick. Pray.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Latest Projects

Last weekend a good friend told me about a lady who had called her wanting a "black Singer" machine cleaned and tension adjusted. My friend thought of me for this job and gave me the lady's contact information. I phoned her up and went to her home and picked up her Singer 221 Featherweight. I gave it a thorough cleaning! I believe it was covered in nicotine gunk. Anyway, in the course of my cleaning, I took the foot controller apart because two of the rubber base mounts were broken.

This is what I found inside the foot controller! You might not be able to tell from the picture, but the tip of this feather is the prettiest shade of light blue. She must have owned a parakeet at one time, huh?

And I was enabled by another great friend to buy the buttonholer you see attached to my 222k. This is a special buttonholer that was only marketed in the UK and Australia. So, I bought this one from the UK a few weeks ago and cleaned it up and tried it out. It makes great buttonholes and WITHOUT the cams. You simply dial the size you want. Besides the nice buttonholes, it simply looks great on my featherweight.

And at my quilting club meeting last Wednesday night, I won the drawing for the cutest pink fat quarter set. Since they're really not my colors, I immediately thought of a girlfriend and how they are perfect colors for her. So, if she's reading my blog (which I think she does), then she already knows what she's getting for her birthday in August. If she IS reading this and wants it sooner than August, she'll have to tell me and I could be persuaded to get it to her before then.

I added bling, as you can see, to the purse. My g/f is all about pink and bling. Notice the fabric covered button. That was a first for me, too.

And here is the whole purse.

Well, I promised to blog more often and so far it's not happening, is it? Oh well. Life simply gets in the way. But these are a few of my latest projects.

Oh, and my post wouldn't be complete without (again-because I already called her) wishing my beautiful daughter, Adrian, a Happy 23rd Birthday. Love you Adrian!