Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Toys

WOW, I have recently acquired some great toys, huh?

Meet Whitey! Well, what else am I going to call her???
She is a 1964 white Singer Featherweight and boy is she ever smooth to sew with.
She's not without her blemishes, but I think it just adds to her character. What a sweet machine! (double click on the photos to enlarge)

And this one! This 1961 Singer 222K is a recent purchase from a friend in Canada. I haven't officially named him yet, but I'm thinking Pete (from the previous owner). What do you think?

Yesterday, I was sewing with Pete for the first time. I had cream colored cotton thread in the needle and the same thread in the bobbin. I was sewing two small cream colored blocks together and when I finished the seam, I cut the threads and checked the bobbin stitching. Lo and Behold...there was a royal blue thread in with my cream stitching. Now how did that happen?

So, Pete got the "spa" treatment. I had to remove his bobbin case assembly completely to get out the other threads that were stuck behind it. Once that was done, he got a complete oiling/lubing and now he's humming right along nicely.

Whitey came with a nice, clean, odor-free case and 3 extra bobbins and a bobbin case. Her foot pedal is hardwired into the machine. And it's not one of those Singer button foot controllers either. It's one of the wider clamshells that came with the Touch and Sew's.

Pete came with all his attachments in a red vinyl case, the manual, the embroidery hoop for the 222K, and a Greist buttonholer. His carrying case is also in great shape and has the red plastic tray attached to the side.
Both are great investments besides being totally fun to sew with. They join my inherited 1954 Singer featherweight, a 1961 Singer 301A, a 1961 Singer 500A (rocketeer) in a desk, a 1947 (pristine) Singer 15-91 and a Bernina 150QE.

Question: Am I done collecting antique Singers? I don't think so, but don't tell my husband!