Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Projects

I thought I'd show you some shop samples I've made for my local quilt shop. I simply love the effect on this first quilt.

The fabric is this way on the bolt. There are four shaded areas divided by a line. You simply cut on the line (lengthwise cuts) and you have 4 different colors. I am going to make one for myself out of blues, greens and browns. Those will go with my living room walls.

This one below is a Halloween wallhanging.

It's not something I would sew for myself. But you'd be surprised at the number of ladies who come to the shop asking for Halloween fabric and then not knowing what to do with them. Well, here is a sample. The pattern is free. It's from clothworks.

Then there is this cute "ant" apron on a panel. It comes complete and it's a twill type fabric, so there was no need to put a backing on it. I simply serged the edges, pressed them over and stitched them down. The handles are all pressed in half and then stitched together and (using a tube turner) turned and sewn on. Oh and I insist on giving credit where credit is due. The curved patch pockets are courtesy of Debbie Cook's tutorial on "perfect curved patch pockets". Thanks Debbie! ;)

Lastly, is a Christmas wallhanging using Laurel Birch's cats fabric. The company is still creating more cat fabric using her designs. Ms. Birch passed away last year.

Anyway, just samples. But it's better than listening to my ranting of late. Remember to double click on the photos to see them up close.

I am in jury trial this week and am looking forward to having Friday off! I hope you all have a very safe 4th of July! Take care.


Sherril said...

That ombre quilt is so pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing the one in your colors. (I think ombre is the technical term for graduated colors, let me know if I'm wrong.)

jami1960 said...

Donna, I love your quilt shop samples. The local sewing store has asked me to do a few things...I am wondering what sort of "deal" you have for samples? Do you get free fabric or a discount on fabrics for doing these samples? I am just curious. Thanks.
Jami in WA

Donna Hodgson said...

Hi Jami,

Here's the "deal". I've been sewing for them since May 2006. I get all the extra fabric leftover from a project and the pattern. If the pattern is in a book? Great, I get the book. It gives me an opportunity to learn how to make scrap quilts, because the scraps add up quickly.

In addition, my quilt shop is VERY appreciative of me doing this sewing for them for what they consider "nothing". They don't consider any value in the patterns I get or the extra fabric.

So....they give me little gifts along the way. I've gotten tons of really cool and useful notions from them. Here and there. Small items.

But now that I actually am a professional quilt pattern tester for RJR Fabrics, it behooves my local quilt shop to put me "on the roster". So, just recently I am considered an employee. I don't work there, per se. But they can put it on their resume that they have someone on staff that is a professional quilt tester for RJR and I get the 20% employee discount on all my purchases. Plus, the extra fabric and patterns still from projects.

Does that explain it all?
They think they have the better deal. But I love having them call me to come down and pick up a nice kit of something and take it home and sew it all up. It has broaded my sewing skills tremendously, because I would not sew 90% of what they give me if I had to do it on my own. Not my style or type or whatever. But because I sew for them, I don't keep what I sew. So I don't have a ton of stuff laying around the house. And I get to sew baby quilts, girlie things. Stuff I have no use for. Get it? Thanks for asking.

Take care!

jami1960 said...

That helps me know where to start with doing up samples. I really appreciate your reply and response! I was hoping I wasn't being too nosy. Congrats for being a quilt tester for RJR honor I am sure!

I think keeping the pattern and the scraps is a great thing...I love to buy patterns and love to stash fabric like a little squirrel does nuts...and like you, I don't get to lots of projects unless I have a real purpose or reason and having someone with a deadline/timeline would help me stay on task.
Jami in WA