Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blog Header

As you can see, I made a custom header for this blog. I also changed the color scheme to match the colors of the quilt in the header.

That Singer Featherweight is the machine I inherited from my Mother who inherited it from her Aunt Alda.

The quilt is called "Arctic Crystals" and it's made from green and blue/purple batiks. I made it at a quilt retreat a few years ago.

So, you all out there in blogdom...can you assist me in the following:

1. How to make the photo a bit higher and longer to fit in that header catagory.
2. To change the colors of my PR widget. (I may check into this and figure it out).

But I am loving this new me!
Thanks in advance to any/all help. Take care.


Rhoto said...

SO coooollll, Donna!! Sew you!!
Have fun with your changes!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Gwen said...

Love the new header & colors!! Wish I could help with the tweaks you'd like to make, but I'm not that skilled... Sorry. :(

2BSewing: said...

Hi Donna...I can answer one of your questions.

To change the color of your PR widget, you need to access your Widget page from the PR main webpage. Once you are at the PR home page, select "Widget" from the left side of your screen. This will get you into your Widgets page. There should be a color palette icon that you can click on and select the colors. If you're an HTML weenie, you can also type in your color code instead. I believe there is 3 areas you can change colors for your Widget. I hope this helps...Susan

MadeByAmanda said...

Oooh, pretty. I love it!