Saturday, April 5, 2008

Busy as a Beaver

I have been super busy sewing up a storm here. Below are two pictures of fabric bags that the Fabric Patch wanted me to sew up for them. The first bag is kind of droopy because there is no interfacing in the top portion above the pockets. I followed the pattern instructions, which were awful, to say the least. They were so bad, I emailed the company and pointed out all the mistakes/typos in their pattern. I never heard from them. They are either too busy to answer or not happy with my email. Ah well.

These two bags are made from jelly rolls of Moda fabrics. It takes 19 strips and 5 fat quarters to make this bag. There are 40 strips in a jelly roll. So, for payment for making the bags, I got to keep all the extra strips. I was given two jelly roll I have enough left over for a quilt. YAH!

You might be able to tell that this bag below HAS the interfacing in it. Also, the owner of this bad did not want ANY brown fabric in her bag.'s more pink, blue, yellow and green. These bags ARE easy to sew's just the instructions are horribly written.

As I dropped off bag #2 at the quilt shop, they gave me several projects. As you can see below...I have a busy day ahead of me.

Clockwise from top left is a rather *unique* quilt. It's a border panel quilt and the back is brown minkee. I just have to sew the binding on it. Next is another quilt I did not sew. The Americana quilt. Again, just slap on the binding. Next is the Crazy Starz quilt I sewed up recently. Just putting on the binding. Then, one of last years Shop Hop quilts. You guessed it...binding. Then the colorful strips you see are another 32x40 wallhanging. This one needs to be pieced. I am hoping I can quilt this on my home machine, but we'll see. I don't like doing large type quilts at home. I have too many Gammills in the area to be wearing out my home machine for it. Lastly, bottom left corner is some home dec fabric from the quilt shop and two Amy Butler bag patterns. The owner wants me to sew these up so she can take them to Market in May.

So, that's my Saturday stuff to sew. I had better get at it, huh?

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Charisma said...

YOu are just a busy BEE...sewing away. When are you going to have time to do my projects when the fabric patch keeps hogging all of your time? J/k.
I love the bags they had you make---superb job!

Juliane said...

I love the colors in these bags. Which jellyroll are they from? And which pattern--these are just gorgeous!

MadeByAmanda said...

I had never heard of a jellyroll before. You learn something new every day. :)

I would think that the pattern company would be glad to have some user feedback on the pattern so they could improve it.