Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quilt Retreat March 2008

This is the fourth quilt retreat I've been on. All of them held at the same B&B (Rimrock Inn B&B) just outside Wenatchee, Washington. Beautiful. Below is my friend, Sheila, who went with me. She's the one responsible for starting me into the wonderful world of quilting. ('s all HER fault!) This was a last minute type of retreat for us, too. I signed up the previous Saturday and I got Sheila to sign up the DAY BEFORE! I am so glad she went, though.

As you can see, we're all set up and sewing. Below is my machine as I faced Sheila. We shared two tables and had a TON of fun. We arrived Thursday afternoon and I sewed until 2:30 am Friday. Then I went to bed and got up at 8am Friday. I stayed up sewing until 5am on Saturday morning. Yep. I went to bed at 5am and got back up again at 9am. Phew...

Below is the UFO I took to finish. It's the BIG paper pieced pattern called Stars and Stripes Forever from RJR. This is the one I've been sewing on since January. It is HUGE! I've added a border and all it needs is to be gammilled. I will review it on PR when I get it all done and can get a better picture of it. It's 84x84 right now. I've since added a dark green border to it. Now it's closer to 90x90. Did I mention it's H U G E?

Below is a view out the sliding glass doors from where I sat sewing. It is always so pretty up there. For those familiar with the area, we are right below Mission Ridge Ski Resort.

We got back home Saturday evening in time to recover and make it to church. Now this was two weeks ago. Palm Sunday church.

I took a lot of photos but I realized I can't show many of them to you because we're all in our jammies! I would hate to get a nasty email from someone who went and then saw her picture on the net for all to see!

Well it's been a busy week. A very close friend of mine suffered a severe stroke on Easter Sunday and is currently in the hospital. But, the Lord Jesus is healing him. At first, he couldn't move his left side at all and now he has muscle resistance there and has wiggled his left toes and moved his left hand. He is feeding himself and can talk pretty darn clearly. Praise the Lord and if any of you out there are so inclined, please pray for Mike. He needs your prayers.

Hope everyone has a great week.


Rhoto said...

"all it needs is to be gammilled"
???? AH, HA... Is that all I need, too????
You gals have your own vocabulary, too, eh!! Glad you had a great time!!
Soft hug,

Donna Hodgson said...

Sorry Rhonda. Gammill is a brand name of a long arm quilting machine. It's the step called quilting it and it comes before you attach the binding...which is the last step.

Rhoto said...

Sounds like "doe see doe" to me!! Wish I lived "next door" & you could teach me, eh!!
Soft hug,