Sunday, March 9, 2008

Off to Retreat

Well, since I can't upload any pictures this morning (I tried 3 times without success because of a Google error message), I'll just type.

Normally, I'm not a "last minute" kind of gal, but yesterday was different. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend the upcoming quilt retreat being held in Wenatchee and sponsored by the Fabric Patch. At the time, I didn't think I wanted to go. And to be honest, I forgot about it until yesterday. Then suddenly, I *wanted* to go! So, I hussled down to the quilt shop to see if there were still some openings and there were. I go.

This is the routine:
Leave Thursday early afternoon. Arrive (45 minute drive) around 3pm. Unload machine and all the stuff you need. Change into sweats or pajamas. Begin sewing. Don't stop until it's time to leave Saturday 6pm. Honestly.

This will be my fourth quilt retreat. Charisma always comes with me, but she has finals this week for some college courses, so she won't know until Tuesday if she can go. Even if she can't go, I'll be fine. It will just cost me a bit more because I won't be sharing expenses.

Normally, Cindi picks a book (you get a 20% discount off the book and ALL notions you may need for the retreat) and a couple of patterns from the book to sew up that weekend. This time, she's picked a book entitled "Sweet Treats" and says WE can pick the projects. All the quilts in the book are sewn using half square triangles and four patches. Easy! Only thing...I'm not sure I want to sew anything out of the book. That's the great thing about these retreats. You can bring your UFO's and sew them up there, too. You honestly don't even HAVE to sew anything, if you don't want to. Just being there is great fun. Oh, the book also has recipes for sweet treats (doh) and we'll be getting a sampling of them, too! :)

There are other fun things to do at retreat. We have a "beautiful" and "ugly" fat quarter contest. I've won the most beautiful before. Charisma has one both before, but when you win, you get everyone's fat quarter that they brought. Yuck...winning the ugly fat quarter contest is NOT really winning. You get about a dozen other ugly fat quarters!!!!

Cindi also does a block swap, too. We'll each sew up two blocks of whatever we're told to do and then they go into two separate piles so that they will make up two quilts. Cindi generously gives the border fabric. There will be a drawing for each of the two quilts. Usually, Cindi donates "gammill" quilting time to each winner IF they can sew up all the blocks to make the quilt top. I won one year and got my blocks sewed together before the end of the retreat. It was great. I still have that quilt with a label that each gal signed. I even signed it because I didn't know if I'd win or not.

Cindi also hides little notions, etc. for us to find throughout the B&B for the chance at prizes. It's always a TON of fun. It's also great to bond with all these women. I've made many friends there.

The retreat is held at a B&B in Wenatchee. Our hostess cooks all our meals and she is wonderful! We get the whole B&B for the weekend to ourselves. Which is a good thing, if I'm sewing at 3am. Historically, Charisma and I are the last to go to bed and the first ones up in the morning. I remember our first retreat. We sewed until 3:30 am and then were up again at 7:30 am. I got about 5 hours sleep the entire weekend.

One of the great things about these retreats is that most of us are Christian ladies and the retreat ends Saturday at 6pm. This gives us time to get home, get unpacked and relax before heading off to church on Sunday. I love that I don't miss church when going to a retreat.

I will be taking my RJR paper piecing quilt and finishing it there. The other UFO will be a charity quilt that a girlfriend and I started last year. It's all 2 inch squares and half square triangles. I'll post pictures when I return. Hopefully Google won't give me any error messages.

So, tomorrow when I get into the office, I'll need to put in for half day Thursday and all of Friday off. That's pretty much the last detail. I am getting really excited for this. I love being up there and sewing all night long. Long after most everyone else has gone to bed. Hopefully, Charisma will be able to go, too.

Hope you all have a great week. I'm stoked for Thursday!

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Rhoto said...

Oh, how FUN, Donna!! Hope Charisma gets to go, too, eh!!
Soft hug from Rhonda (who's been averaging 12-18 hours sleep per day lately... zzzzzzz)