Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quilts and Cats

This wallhanging below was done for The Fabric Patch locally. I am almost positive (without going to look) that it's made with Moda fabric. It involved a panel and fat quarters. Very Easy. I totally love the colors.

Gizmo and Gadget below are pretty cozy looking, huh? It is so much fun to watch them lick each other's faces. Then they sleep. Flannel covered goose-down comforter. Envious. Pathetic.

Then the Fabric Patch had me do this quilt from the book entitled Cool Girls Quilt. It is a great book, considering my "girl" is almost 22 years old. These wallhangings and such are so much fun. I also did a sewing machine cover with the word "create" appliqued on. Very bright. I got to add BLING, too!

Otherwise, I've been busy piecing. RJR Fabrics has hired me to be a quilt tester and I'm having alot of fun. I've also made two great friends. One at RJR and the other is THE designer of the fabric and pattern. I'm excited and will show you those quilts when I am allowed to. Right now, they're "under wraps" to speak.

Stay tuned, if you can stay awake!

Happy Valentines Day to all...take care!


MadeByAmanda said...

Does "Quilt testing" involve snuggling up in one with a cup of hot cocoa to assess "cozy factor"? Because if so, I'm in.

Rhoto said...

OK, what's BLING?? (I got weird answers when I looked in Yahoo!)
Would love to see a photo of your "Create" sewing machine cover, too, eh...
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal