Friday, February 22, 2008

Photos from the Past

Last Saturday, I went to StuffMart and took a handful of photos to scan. I then went back the next day and picked up the CD that they were created on. Obviously, we don't own a scanner.

Anyway, here some of them are. This shot below was when I was almost 2 and it was the front of a Christmas card my parents sent out that year. My brother, Jim, is behind me and we're on "Cinder" - HIS wonderhorse. I vividly remember this picture being taken by my father because they placed me on the FRONT of the horse. I NEVER got to ride on the front. It was my brother's horse, so I always took a back seat. Anyway, it's probably the reason I remember this photo so well. Can you say "bangs"???

Next is my high school senior picture. 1977. It's a tad cropped on the sides. Gosh, I look like I'm 15 and not almost 18, huh?

And this is Adrian's (daughter) senior picture. 2004. Beautiful, no?

And lastly is Levi's (son) senior picture. 2006. His proofs were given to me ON a cd by the photographer and I'm forever grateful. They all came out great. But I like this one the best because he's smiling.

I'm still busying paper piecing a quilt for RJR. I'll be working on it tomorrow all day and then Sunday, I've been invited to the quilt shop to sew all day long (after church) with about nine others. They are preparing for the Shop Hop that takes place in September/October. Phew!

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Rhoto said...

Great pics, Donna!! Thanks for sharing, eh!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal

Anonymous said...

Oh, the ole Wonderhorse! I wonder how many of those are buried in a landfill right now? :)

You must buy a scanner! You wouldn't believe how many old photos I've scanned and saved to a CD this past year. I am heavy into geneaology and now everyone in our family can have pics of the generations past. Plus, you have a copy if anything ever happens to the originals and wouldn't that be a shame?

Great looking kids!


twistedangel said...

Hi Donna,

Those are great! I wish I had some great old photos to share. That studio photo of Levi is really cool. BTW - I have a brother named Levi! We had one of those horses too (God I was obsessed with ponies and horses back then) ... I got pinched in the springs all the time ... I was a bit of a "rough rider". At least you don't get "horse butt" from those when you ride without the saddle.


Donna Hodgson said...

DH and I have been looking into the "all in one" scanner, printer, fax thingy and I can't get him to make up "our" mind! Maybe I should just go get one and then he'll be stuck. Which brand to you recommend???

Charisma said...

HI DOnna,
I bought an all in one , finally! My printer finally gave out after 7 years!( I have to have a printer for school!) so to save space, I got an all in one and I wanted one that was good for photos also--anyway, I got an HP photosmart works really well! I love it!