Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kitchens, Halloween and Thanksgiving

Ok, this is a mish-mash of events. Below is a shot of my finally completed kitchen. If you remember (or care to remember), I stripped wallpaper and texturized and painted my kitchen back in...gosh June???

And I had left this area open above my sink for a nice wallhanging, quilted by moi. Double click on the picture if you can't read what it says. DH is not thrilled with it, but I think it's funny. Men!

And then to continue with the "Seasoned Quilter", here is Halloween's banner. The ghost is made from white batting. These things are so much fun. You all need to look up the Amy Bradley patterns and get them. So simple!

And here is Thanksgiving's entry. Alot more detail than the Halloween banner, but just as fun.

This last shot shows you that you just can't put a box down on the living room without a cat getting inside of it. Sheesh! Gadget kitty is smushed but she loves it!!!! The things that amuse the simple minded.

And speaking of amused...yesterday was my birthday and on my sidebar you will see a link to my myspace page. On it are four 'celebrities'. One of them...Ramon Franco from the 1989 TV show Tour of Duty actually sent me a private message "singing" me the Happy Birthday song. Now, how cool is that! It totally made my day.

I plan to get TONS of sewing done next week because I've taken the week off from work. I am just staying home and sewing. All by myself!!!! I can hardly wait.

Hope you're all enjoying your Winter. Take care!

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Rhoto said...

"Happy Birthday, dear Donna! Happy Birthday to YOU!!"
Warm greetings and a Soft hug,
Tony and Rhonda in Montreal