Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gadget and Poodles

I've taken this week off from work just to stay home alone. I've been cleaning and sewing, mostly. I did get a pedicure AND a manicure yesterday and today I treated myself to a one hour deep tissue massage. All together now...AAAHHHHhhhhhhhhh......

One of my cleaning projects was our fireplace insert. I had emptied it of all the ash and had taken the ash bucket outside. When I returned...guess what? You got it...Gadget (aka The Brat Cat) had climbed inside to really sniff it out. I guess you could say without a doubt that the fireplace was completely cooled off from last nights fire!

Doesn't the saying go "curiosity killed the cat"? Gladly, not in this case.

And here is one of the last "banners" I'm making for that Seasoned Quilter wallhanging I have been blogging about. This one is obviously for the Fourth of July. You should see the original pattern photo. It shows a black poodle on a yellow background. The hat is blue and white striped and there's a star in the red whereas "we" decided that the stripes should be red and white and the stars are already on the blue fabric. We also did away with the yellow background. Yuck! His eyes are white brads that I usually reserve for my card making. They were the right size and I didn't have any buttons that would 'work'.

He's holding a sparkler and instead of using fabric for the sparkles, I used glue and glitter. The kind for fabric. All I have to do is "heat set" it and then it will be totally permanent and washing machine proof. It's very cool and new and available at your local quilt shop (well it's at my local quilt shop).

I especially like his flag scarf. The fabric is such that it actually looks like it's tied in a knot in the center, but it's just the print of the fabric. It's a nice touch.

And for some weird reason, I've posted a picture of the back of the poodle because of the way I edged the applique, you see a really good outline of the dog. Well, I thought it was neat, anyway.

So, I'm off to enjoy some shrimp alfredo fettucini...yum! Take care everyone.

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