Saturday, December 22, 2007

Assorted Ideas

Wow, it's been "forever" since I blogged last. I have been Busy with a capital B!

Below is a weird shot of my new Singer 185J. Remember in my last post, I said that this machine was built the same year as our house (1954)? Well, below is a shot of my machine up against my bathroom tub. What do you think? A popular color in 1954, huh?

And here below is a shot of my BOM (block of the month) civil war quilt all pieced. The more clever of you out there will note that there are 16 blocks in this BOM whereas there should only be 12, right? There were four optional blocks and I decided to sew them. I really like it and the quilt shop will have it on display. I think they're going to put it on their website, too. Cool, no? Each of these blocks has a name. Reading from left to right, first row: Palmetto Tree, Ohio Cluster, Corn and Beans, Birds in Air. Second row: Jacob's Ladder, T Crossing, Underground Railroad, Yankee Puzzle. Third row: Roses and Plumes, Friendship Star, Diamond 5, Lincoln's Platform. Fourth row: Lost Ship, Montgomery, Raylene's Fence, Union Square. (Ta-Da).

Next shot is Gadget. She's spending her holidays the way I wish I could spend mine. She just loves newspaper and loves to be under it. She was actually snoozing peacefully until I snapped this shot of her.

And lastly, because "we" didn't decorate this year for Christmas (yes, not even my nativity scene), I decided to bake cookies. No big deal really, except the only cookies I ever make are chocolate chip. But I wanted something I haven't baked in a while....Molasses Crinkles. Here they are below...yum! Hope DH likes them. But in case he doesn't....they're all mine!! :)

Here's wishing each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas!! Stay safe and go to church this weekend!!


Rhoto said...

Yaaaahhh!! A new post!! Your quilts are beyond gorgeous!! DH & I are "supposed" to decorate the tree 2morrow... Popcorn strings & paper garlands. We'll see,eh. Even when you go "simple", the Season gets hectic...
Have a blessed, calm & peaceful Christmas, Donna!!
Love & a soft hug,

Gorgeous Things said...

I hear ya on being super busy, Donna. But I just LOVE the color combo. That celadon green is just so fab. Any chance you can turn the bathroom into an auxiliary sewing room? :-)