Sunday, December 30, 2007

Seasoned Quilter Wallhanging

Well to keep me really busy these past months, I've been sewing up a storm for my local quilt shop. Below is a wallhanging designed by Amy Bradley. It's called Seasoned Quilter and she's a tall gal. Her hands are sewn on top of the wallhanging and the fingers cover an "eye" of a hook and eye set. Then you make these smaller 11x13 inch banners to hang on her so it looks like she's holding them. I had a lot of fun working with this one because I really got to dig in my scrap bags for her. The quilt shop gave me the background, border and backing. All of the "gal" is from my scraps. (Remember, click on the picture to enlarge for detail). I need to take a picture of her holding one or two of these "banners". She's already at the quilt shop, but when they put her on display, I'll take a pic for here. Sorry folks.

Here is the first one (not quilted yet). The "welcome" banner comes with the pattern above. They're a complete set. The other months/holidays you buy separately. Again, these are all done totally with my scraps. It takes a half yard for the background, backing and binding.

So I finished the "woman" and the welcome banner in November or early December and then decided I'd better get Santa done for display at the quilt shop during December to help them sell patterns. I am not a Santa person, but I loved doing him. His beard is white batting and I bling'd his eyes blue!

Then, next comes Valentine's Day. This one below looks totally different from the one on the pattern. But that one didn't have ANY red on it and when I think Valentine's Day, I think red! So...I made it red. (Think I have control issues???) :)

And last for now is Easter's banner. These two bunnies are really cute and I bling'd their eyes, too! My girlfriend took one look at their smiles and had to have one. So I told her to go buy me 1/2 yard of that green background and I'd make her one exactly like this one. Got it done in one evening! She will love it. She's just going to put it on the wall without the woman appearing to hold it.

So, this is what's been keeping me busy up to and through the holidays. That and other quilts I'm making for a major quilt fabric manufacturer.

Next up will be St. Patrick's Day, then Halloween and Thanksgiving. I've still got Fourth of July to do, but I think the pattern is ugly and so will use the pattern, but totally change the colors like I did with Valentine's Day.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Stay safe!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Assorted Ideas

Wow, it's been "forever" since I blogged last. I have been Busy with a capital B!

Below is a weird shot of my new Singer 185J. Remember in my last post, I said that this machine was built the same year as our house (1954)? Well, below is a shot of my machine up against my bathroom tub. What do you think? A popular color in 1954, huh?

And here below is a shot of my BOM (block of the month) civil war quilt all pieced. The more clever of you out there will note that there are 16 blocks in this BOM whereas there should only be 12, right? There were four optional blocks and I decided to sew them. I really like it and the quilt shop will have it on display. I think they're going to put it on their website, too. Cool, no? Each of these blocks has a name. Reading from left to right, first row: Palmetto Tree, Ohio Cluster, Corn and Beans, Birds in Air. Second row: Jacob's Ladder, T Crossing, Underground Railroad, Yankee Puzzle. Third row: Roses and Plumes, Friendship Star, Diamond 5, Lincoln's Platform. Fourth row: Lost Ship, Montgomery, Raylene's Fence, Union Square. (Ta-Da).

Next shot is Gadget. She's spending her holidays the way I wish I could spend mine. She just loves newspaper and loves to be under it. She was actually snoozing peacefully until I snapped this shot of her.

And lastly, because "we" didn't decorate this year for Christmas (yes, not even my nativity scene), I decided to bake cookies. No big deal really, except the only cookies I ever make are chocolate chip. But I wanted something I haven't baked in a while....Molasses Crinkles. Here they are below...yum! Hope DH likes them. But in case he doesn't....they're all mine!! :)

Here's wishing each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas!! Stay safe and go to church this weekend!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Singer 185J

Here is my newest baby. Yeah, like I needed another machine. But here she is in an "after" (cleaning) picture. She's minus her plastic base and cover because of poor packing. It broke during shipment. We're going to be refunded our money on the item plus shipping. So, this item is free. But to be honest, I'd rather be out the money and have the base/case intact.

I spent last night cleaning her up. Cute, huh?

Below are the broken pieces and base. Drat. Makes me sad/mad. Replacements are NOT easy to find, if at all.

Here's another pic below of a clean machine. She runs, but the needle tension assembly needs a going over. I can wind a bobbin and when I threaded the machine up, I could get the thread through the tension discs but not easily and the thread won't pull through them and the tension dial is on, that will take a little work on my part. But it's doable.

Got this on eBay for a sweet price. I already belong to a Yahoo Singer Featherweight group and last night I joined a Yahoo vintage Singer sewing machine group and was then able to download a $10 repair manual for free from them. They say this machine is a little workhorse. It's just like the Singer 99 model, but with an updated look/color. It was made in 1954.

Funny, but I'm going to be taking this machine into the bathroom. Our house was built in 1954 and it has a green tub that looks very similar to this machine. Hmmmm....I'll let you know! :)

I've already got some bobbins for it (class 66) and after fixing the tension assembly, she'll be ready to rock and roll. Oh yeah, the light bulb needs replacing.

The Lean Green Machine will be added to a well stocked herd. I also have a Bernina 150QE, a Simplicity sewing machine, two Featherweights (one is a centennial and I need to sell it...anyone?), a Simplicity serger and a Janome Coverpro 1000 machine. Oh yeah, DH has a Bernina 614 model which is about the same green color as this beauty.

Ok, enough already. There she is.

Have a great week, everyone!

Addendum: I have been inundated with emails/comments requesting a manual for this machine. Join the Yahoo group entitled "vintagesingers". Go to the file section and then click on "66-99-185 information". The manual is the first item in this directory. Do not leave me a comment here if your blog is set on "private". I promise I won't answer it.