Monday, November 12, 2007

Heart Bargello, Part 3

Ok, here is more of my heart bargello still in my sewing room. Remember, I was going to show a few friends how to sew theirs, so I sewed about 3/4 of my quilt.

And here is another close up of my bargello with the sheep border on it. I collect sheep and selected this fabric as my border.

And at the sewing weekend we just had (Friday and Saturday), I was able to finish it. Below is a shot of it, but it's pinned up against another quilt that's hanging on the wall. So, all that blue, etc is not a part of my quilt.

I am so glad it's done. Charisma finished her heart bargello, but still has 7 borders to add to it. I only wanted two borders because mine is going to be a wallhanging and my walls aren't big enough for it if I were to add all the borders on. So, I finished at two borders.

Another gal, Patty, spent alot of our weekend sewing up her panels and then Saturday night she started in on the quilt. I believe she got about 5-6 strips done before we had to head for home.

We started sewing (or I did) at 9am on Friday morning and I didn't close up the shop until 1:30am Saturday. Then I was back down at 9am Saturday and we finished up at 9:30 pm. We all decided we'd leave the shop cleaner than when we found it, so two gals scrubbed the bathrooms and emptied the wastebaskets and I vaccumed the place. Patty washed down the tables, etc. All in all, we had a GREAT TIME. We ordered pizza Friday for dinner and mexican food Saturday night. In between we had a whole table with food on it.

I got 5 projects donem but then again, most of my heart bargello (which is why we were getting together) was done before I got there and I even started another quilt that I'll show you another time. Phew. A special "thank you" to Cindi for letting us have her classroom to party.

Enjoy your Veteran's Day. And remember our servicemen serving our country. Dad, I'm thinking of you today!


Rhoto said...

AWESOME, Donna!! Did you'all sew all thru the night?
Rhonda in Montreal

Donna Hodgson said...

Started Friday 9am to Saturday 1:30am. (16.5 hours) Then Saturday 9am to Saturday night 9:30pm. (12.5 hours) 29 hours.

MadeByAmanda said...

Wow, that quilt is impressive.

Ann said...

Donna, your Melinda's Heart bargello quilt turned out beautifully. I have been working on mine for most of 2009 and still haven't got the vertical rows together. My dilemma is that I am long arm quilting one for a customer and I would like to know how others have quilted them. Some of the gals in the group used their DM and just did SID, but I am only SIDing the borders. Would you be kind enough to share? Janice in Michigan

Donna Hodgson said...

Since you don't have a blog and didn't leave me any contact info, I'll answer you here and hope you return here for your answer:
It's meandered all over. I detest SID (personally). Quilted by a friend with a Gammill. Thank you.