Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Time is it Anyway??

Ok, this is what my local quilt shop has me sewing this week. They gave me this book called Fast Fun & Easy Creative Fabric Clocks and told me to get anything out of the shop that I needed to complete the clock. With the book, they gave me the clock mechanism to make it work.

I had them give me 1/2 yd of Fast 2 Fuse which is Timtex that is fusible on both sides.

I went through the book several times trying to decide which clock to make. I couldn't. I always have problems because most of the clocks in the book were done freeform. IOW, the clockmaker designed the shape of the clock on her own. I prefer a pattern. I'm not good at freeform.

But I finally decided on a dimensional circle clock because it was easy. And I was tired of having this project on my "to do" list. The quilt shop is doing a class on these clocks and the owner has one unassembled for demonstrative use. She wanted me to make one so that she could use it as the "ta da" clock. Well, it's not much of a Ta Da clock, but I guess it will do.

Overall, it was very easy to do. I used a compass and drew the circles on the Fast 2 Fuse and then cut out the circles. The largest circle needs backing fabric. I just grabbed some ivory tone-on-tone and used that. For the purples, I used my scraps. I took a marker from my Stampin Up supplies and ran it around on the edges to give it some more purple color. I also used varigated purple thread to quilt each circle individually. Then I stuck them all together and attached the clock mechanism. I also put the 12, 3, 6 & 9 numbers (they glue on) on the face. I put a battery in it and TA works!'s done in my favorite colors!!!

Have a great week everyone!


Rhoto said...

Hi Donna! MY clock's running three (3) hours fast!! Tee! Hee! Boo!
Rhonda in Montreal

Charisma said...

HEy Donna, Just a suggestion if you are having to make another one...or if they ask you to teach in the class.....I think a great idea would be to use family pictures and print them on the fabric and then cut them and fuse them onto the clock kind of personalize it! You can try that on the next one. I also wonder if you had a peice of glass cut the same size/shape as your clock face if you could use that to kind of protect your fabric...hmmmmm---just suggestions from the over achiever!