Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More Purses

Well, as you can see from these photos, I've not quite burned myself out on sewing purses (this link takes you to August entries where I did a three part series on sewing purses). I bought this really nice quilters cotton from a quilt shop in Odessa, WA. I hadn't seen this line of fabric at my local quilt shop, so I scarfed up several fat quarters.

My intent on making these two purses was to give one to Charisma and to sell the other. I had made her a bright pink purse and decided she needed a "winter" purse. It also gives her a chance to *ahem* wash the first one I gave her. I allowed Charisma to have her pick yesterday and she chose...drum roll please...the one on the left in the shot below.

And here I thought all along that she would chose this one below. Oh well.

They are fun to sew and hardly take any time. I can get two done in a couple of evenings.

Keep sewing everyone!

1 comment:

Charisma said...

OHHHH Donnna! thanks for letting me wash my AMy purse! My New * donna* is so cute!