Friday, October 12, 2007

Christmas Apron

I've been working on TONS of sewing projects. So, I thought it was about time to show you some of them. Below is a Christmas apron and potholders on a panel. They're from Debbie Mumm. The panel consists of the apron front, two potholder fronts and 5 strips (2 of one fabric, 3 of another) for apron ties and potholder bindings. But I wasn't aware that two of the strips would be for potholder bindings, so I used them for the back of the apron ties.

You see, my quilt shop wanted me to make this reversible instead of just turning back the sides and stitching them down. So they picked out this cute red/green plaid. It was very easy. I first cut out the apron from the panel, making sure to leave 1/4" seam allowances. Then I laid the apron right side down on top of the plaid right side up. Then I cut out the plaid and took it to my machine and stitched all the way around it leaving an opening on the bottom of the apron. I figured when it came time to close the opening, no one would notice it because it's at the bottom.

Then I had to open up the stitching to allow for the ties on each side and the neck strap. I measured the neck strap from an apron I had already done and cut this one the same length. Then I fit them inside the seams and closed over it again. Make sense?

Here are the potholders. As stated, I didn't realize that two of the strips were for binding, so I cut the plaid on the bias and used it for binding. And, of course, plaid on the back. I put regular cotton quilt batting and insul-bright on the inside of the potholders. And finished it off with a loop for hanging.

Now they're on display at the quilt shop. The panel is $9.00 there.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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