Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sewing Assistants, Part III

Ok, this is the third and last installment of the Sewing Assistants for me. Remember, number one was Emily, number two was Gizmo and now we have Gadget, aka The Brat Cat!

And below; here she is in all her innocent glory! This is the day she arrived at our house, December 23, 2006. A co-worker was housesitting for a couple whose cat had just had kittens and the couple wanted my co-worker to see if she could find homes for the kittens before they returned home. I immediately said YES!

Of course, as with almost all of the cats in our house, this one likes DH, too. Pathetic!
Below was her favorite spot to sleep. She did this for several months until she grew too large.

Then she moved in with Gizmo. Needless to say, Gizmo is less than thrilled with the arrangment. Gadget is none too happy about it either, but she is the Brat Cat, after all.

Finally, she found her own digs. Sheesh...cats. All they want to do all day long is sleep. I'd rather be sewing! So much for sewing assistants, huh?

Hope you're all having a purrfect week! (sorry :)


Charisma said...

I need to get anotehr job--do you need another sewing asst. Taht way I can sleep all thru the day?

Charisma said...

Geez--I should have read that before I posted it---I hope you read jibberish! hahahaha

Donna Hodgson said... are so funny!

Yes, I'll let you send me your resume for the position. But I don't know. These SA's can really "sleep up a storm"!!

Mom2fur said...

All your kitty cats are adorable! I have two--Nutmeg (named because I got her for Christmas one year, and because, as a kitten, she was nuts) and Melody (picked up at a house with a "Free Kittens" sign, and so named because she howled the entire way home).
As far as being sewing assistants, their great talent lies mostly in walking across pattern pieces and making sure they don't blow away...