Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sewing Assistants, Part II

Ok, as promised...here's the middle cat...er sewing assistant. Gizmo. Below are my favorite pictures of her.

She looks pretty bored, huh?
DH had some items in a storage building belonging to a friend. These cats made themselves to home there and so DH (out of the kindness of his heart) took pity on them and fed them, etc. When "mother" had kittens, there were three. A black one, a white one and a gray one. The gray one was the runt and believe me, this one was really runty. So, when he gave up the storage building, he found homes for each cat and brought home this runt...er cat.

In the picture below, she looks pretty large, but honest, she's 3/4 size.

Because DH took such good care of her when she was a kitten, she totally dotes on him constantly. If I was the jealous type, I'd be jealous of this cat. Sheesh....DH walks in the door and she is right there for him. When he goes to the "loo" (it's an English word, google it) she's pawing at the door and making a fuss! When we sleep at night, the door is closed and each morning she tries getting in before the alarm goes off. We have to say "no" and she'll go away. But when I surface out of that door in the morning, she's always in the hallway waiting to get in so she can hop up on the bed and snuggle up with him. Sheesh! It's nearly pathetic.

So, as with the shot below...she has to be near him.

Now the truth. She's totally a scaredy cat! This is how she looks most days when sewing assistant #3 is chasing her. She's usually looking for a place to hide.

And as far as helping me with my sewing...forget it. She ventures into my sewing studio only to get attention. She gets it, too. :)

Hope you're all having a blessed week!


Bev said...

Both cats are beautiful! One of our cats does the lounging on the back of the recliner, too. And then he likes to nibble on my hair. Uh, not crazy about that, but must be his way of showing affection. I always feel like he's using my hair as dental floss - eewwwwww, icky, get up and run away!

I just don't understand how people cannot love cats. I think you have to have them before you realize just how purrfect they are, right?

Donna Hodgson said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Bev. Thanks for all your kind comments!