Sunday, September 16, 2007

Golfing and Other Money Making Adventures

This picture of DH was taken last year at an area golf course. DH and I love to golf during the Summer months. This year, unfortunately, we haven't been able to get out as much as we would have wanted. What with all the painting, carpeting, and chair picking out...we're too tired to golf.

But today was different. After church, we went to our local 9 hole 3 par course. It's great for the "short game". And it's not as easy as it looks. There is one huge water hole to shoot over and another where if you don't get it through the trees on the first try, you're sunk. Other than that, the shortest is 65 yards and the longest is 135 yards. A nice little challenge. We buy the yearly membership and golf as often as we can.

So, today we're out there hitting the course and after 9 holes, DH beats me by one stroke. For you non-golfers, just consider it one point.

Then we get set to golf another round and DH says to me, "how about a buck a stroke?" Meaning...the loser pays the winner a dollar for every stroke the winner won by. Now, DH just beat me and my putting really stunk today (which is what he was counting on!), but I'm always up for some friendly competition (right, Charisma?).

So, off we go. Now DH is keeping score on the card and I'm keeping score in my head (no comments, please). At the last hole, I am figuring I beat him by one or maybe two strokes. Which means....cha-ching! $1.00 or $2.00!!!!

I am watching him as he adds up the score. He's on the other side of the green from me, so I just stand there watching him. Then, with his back to me, he reaches in his back pocket and pulls out this wallet. Yeah...I think to myself! Then he comes walking over to me with the money and the score card. F-I-V-E DOLLARS!!!! WOO HOO!!!

I know, I know, it's not an awful lot...but come on! It's still cash!

So then, feeling really proud of myself, we get into the pickup and on the way home "we" decide that "we" need a gallon of milk. Guess what? Can you see the writing on the wall already? He pulls up to Rite Aid (cheapest milk in town) and tells me to get a gallon. I get out....yeah, you guessed it. I have to use my FIVE DOLLARS to buy a gallon of milk. So much for my winnings! The milk was $2.79.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Donna! I'm showing DH HOW one can leave a comment on a blog... We're having fun thinking about this idea!
Soft hug, Rhonda