Friday, September 7, 2007

Chair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So, to finish off our "new" living room, DH and I went chair shopping. First we checked out our local furniture store. They didn't have exactly what we wanted. So, Labor Day, we went to Spokane and checked out the La-Z-Boy distributor there. We found exactly what we were looking for in a chair. The style name is called Melanie. It was in a beautiful brown velvety type material. It was great. Problem? They only had ONE chair and we needed two. 'Cause DH and I won't fit into one chair (anymore!)...

While in Spokane, we discovered that the Melanie chair that we both loved WAS, in fact, at our local furniture store after all. And it was CHEAPER in our town than Spokane. AND...the only reason it was cheaper at home is that the Spokane store "jacked" the price up 10% and then said to us as we were walking into the store, "everything is 10% off". Some deal, huh?

So, back to home we headed and on Tuesday, I went into our local store and found not one, not two, but THREE brown Melanie chairs exactly like what we wanted. Oh boy...and they were the same price as the Spokane store AFTER the 10% markup. So, I bought two of them and they delivered them Wednesday night.

Here it our living room....isn't she lovely? A moment of silence please.

She is so soft and cushy and inviting, don't you think? Doesn't this chair say "Please....come and sit in me a'll love me"? Am I right??

So, then the trouble begins. DH comes home, takes one look at our two beauties and says "this is NOT the chair we picked out in Spokane". And no amount of reassurance would convince him to the contrary.

So...back to the furniture store they went and we BOTH went down the next day in search of two matching chairs. Yes, DH insists they match. Otherwise, I would have let the furniture store only take back ONE of the chairs.

So, DH and I finally picked out two chairs we liked. We had to order them. Six to eight weeks until delivery. We got to pick out the fabric we wanted (a nice brown tweed style) and they will attach the swivel bases to them. These two chairs will be's just that they are sooo boring! You cannot believe it. They don't invite you to sit down in them at all! But DH liked them and didn't like these two, so I *gulp* settled for letting him have his way.

One last note....below is how "my" beauty looked while in our living room. I think I'll have this picture enlarged and framed with a caption below it saying "What Could Have Been"....*sniff sniff*.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be drowning my sorrows in sewing. And when the new chairs arrive, I'll sit down on the carpet in protest!!! :)

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