Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sewing Assistants, Part III

Ok, this is the third and last installment of the Sewing Assistants for me. Remember, number one was Emily, number two was Gizmo and now we have Gadget, aka The Brat Cat!

And below; here she is in all her innocent glory! This is the day she arrived at our house, December 23, 2006. A co-worker was housesitting for a couple whose cat had just had kittens and the couple wanted my co-worker to see if she could find homes for the kittens before they returned home. I immediately said YES!

Of course, as with almost all of the cats in our house, this one likes DH, too. Pathetic!
Below was her favorite spot to sleep. She did this for several months until she grew too large.

Then she moved in with Gizmo. Needless to say, Gizmo is less than thrilled with the arrangment. Gadget is none too happy about it either, but she is the Brat Cat, after all.

Finally, she found her own digs. Sheesh...cats. All they want to do all day long is sleep. I'd rather be sewing! So much for sewing assistants, huh?

Hope you're all having a purrfect week! (sorry :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sewing Assistants, Part II

Ok, as's the middle sewing assistant. Gizmo. Below are my favorite pictures of her.

She looks pretty bored, huh?
DH had some items in a storage building belonging to a friend. These cats made themselves to home there and so DH (out of the kindness of his heart) took pity on them and fed them, etc. When "mother" had kittens, there were three. A black one, a white one and a gray one. The gray one was the runt and believe me, this one was really runty. So, when he gave up the storage building, he found homes for each cat and brought home this cat.

In the picture below, she looks pretty large, but honest, she's 3/4 size.

Because DH took such good care of her when she was a kitten, she totally dotes on him constantly. If I was the jealous type, I'd be jealous of this cat. Sheesh....DH walks in the door and she is right there for him. When he goes to the "loo" (it's an English word, google it) she's pawing at the door and making a fuss! When we sleep at night, the door is closed and each morning she tries getting in before the alarm goes off. We have to say "no" and she'll go away. But when I surface out of that door in the morning, she's always in the hallway waiting to get in so she can hop up on the bed and snuggle up with him. Sheesh! It's nearly pathetic.

So, as with the shot below...she has to be near him.

Now the truth. She's totally a scaredy cat! This is how she looks most days when sewing assistant #3 is chasing her. She's usually looking for a place to hide.

And as far as helping me with my sewing...forget it. She ventures into my sewing studio only to get attention. She gets it, too. :)

Hope you're all having a blessed week!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sewing Assistants, Part I

Since there isn't a whole lot to talk about, I thought I'd introduce you to my sewing assistants.

Below is Emily. She is our oldest. DH and I got her in 1999, just after purchasing our first house. DH answered an ad in the paper for kittens. When he showed up at the house, there were literally (litter-aly, sorry!) KITTENS everywhere. You see, there were three mother cats and each had a couple of litters. All the kittens were all mixed in and they were all nursing off of the first mother they came in contact with. And all the cats had the run of the house. The people were moving and...well you know the rest.

DH put small Emily in his pickup and brought her home. Problem? He didn't put her in a box. He just put her in the pickup. When he got home, he couldn't find her. I found her...she was under the seat. It's just that we had to practically remove the seat to get at her to get her out. She was so frightened!

When we got her inside, we kept her in an extra bedroom for a couple of days and then allowed her out to see her new surroundings.

At about this time, the neighbors had a flame point Siamese (Duke, who I'll show you another time) who made himself to home AT OUR HOUSE! Which turned out perfectly, in the end.

Anyway, so there was Duke and Emily.

Emily loves the fireplace in the winter, so this is where you can usually get a good shot of her.

Emily loves DH's boots and will go over (even when he's wearing them) and use them as a scratching post!! Here she is laying in front of them after just scratching them.

And, hence the name of this post, here she is assisting me with my She has discovered that after my ironing, the board is warm and the fabric is soft.

So, there you have it. Emily...the oldest.

Oh, this past Spring, she sprained her ankle and the vet said it would take her a long time to heal up. Well, as of this posting, she is still limping, albeit, not too much.

Take care everyone!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Golfing and Other Money Making Adventures

This picture of DH was taken last year at an area golf course. DH and I love to golf during the Summer months. This year, unfortunately, we haven't been able to get out as much as we would have wanted. What with all the painting, carpeting, and chair picking out...we're too tired to golf.

But today was different. After church, we went to our local 9 hole 3 par course. It's great for the "short game". And it's not as easy as it looks. There is one huge water hole to shoot over and another where if you don't get it through the trees on the first try, you're sunk. Other than that, the shortest is 65 yards and the longest is 135 yards. A nice little challenge. We buy the yearly membership and golf as often as we can.

So, today we're out there hitting the course and after 9 holes, DH beats me by one stroke. For you non-golfers, just consider it one point.

Then we get set to golf another round and DH says to me, "how about a buck a stroke?" Meaning...the loser pays the winner a dollar for every stroke the winner won by. Now, DH just beat me and my putting really stunk today (which is what he was counting on!), but I'm always up for some friendly competition (right, Charisma?).

So, off we go. Now DH is keeping score on the card and I'm keeping score in my head (no comments, please). At the last hole, I am figuring I beat him by one or maybe two strokes. Which means....cha-ching! $1.00 or $2.00!!!!

I am watching him as he adds up the score. He's on the other side of the green from me, so I just stand there watching him. Then, with his back to me, he reaches in his back pocket and pulls out this wallet. Yeah...I think to myself! Then he comes walking over to me with the money and the score card. F-I-V-E DOLLARS!!!! WOO HOO!!!

I know, I know, it's not an awful lot...but come on! It's still cash!

So then, feeling really proud of myself, we get into the pickup and on the way home "we" decide that "we" need a gallon of milk. Guess what? Can you see the writing on the wall already? He pulls up to Rite Aid (cheapest milk in town) and tells me to get a gallon. I get out....yeah, you guessed it. I have to use my FIVE DOLLARS to buy a gallon of milk. So much for my winnings! The milk was $2.79.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Chair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So, to finish off our "new" living room, DH and I went chair shopping. First we checked out our local furniture store. They didn't have exactly what we wanted. So, Labor Day, we went to Spokane and checked out the La-Z-Boy distributor there. We found exactly what we were looking for in a chair. The style name is called Melanie. It was in a beautiful brown velvety type material. It was great. Problem? They only had ONE chair and we needed two. 'Cause DH and I won't fit into one chair (anymore!)...

While in Spokane, we discovered that the Melanie chair that we both loved WAS, in fact, at our local furniture store after all. And it was CHEAPER in our town than Spokane. AND...the only reason it was cheaper at home is that the Spokane store "jacked" the price up 10% and then said to us as we were walking into the store, "everything is 10% off". Some deal, huh?

So, back to home we headed and on Tuesday, I went into our local store and found not one, not two, but THREE brown Melanie chairs exactly like what we wanted. Oh boy...and they were the same price as the Spokane store AFTER the 10% markup. So, I bought two of them and they delivered them Wednesday night.

Here it our living room....isn't she lovely? A moment of silence please.

She is so soft and cushy and inviting, don't you think? Doesn't this chair say "Please....come and sit in me a'll love me"? Am I right??

So, then the trouble begins. DH comes home, takes one look at our two beauties and says "this is NOT the chair we picked out in Spokane". And no amount of reassurance would convince him to the contrary.

So...back to the furniture store they went and we BOTH went down the next day in search of two matching chairs. Yes, DH insists they match. Otherwise, I would have let the furniture store only take back ONE of the chairs.

So, DH and I finally picked out two chairs we liked. We had to order them. Six to eight weeks until delivery. We got to pick out the fabric we wanted (a nice brown tweed style) and they will attach the swivel bases to them. These two chairs will be's just that they are sooo boring! You cannot believe it. They don't invite you to sit down in them at all! But DH liked them and didn't like these two, so I *gulp* settled for letting him have his way.

One last note....below is how "my" beauty looked while in our living room. I think I'll have this picture enlarged and framed with a caption below it saying "What Could Have Been"....*sniff sniff*.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be drowning my sorrows in sewing. And when the new chairs arrive, I'll sit down on the carpet in protest!!! :)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Living Room, Part V (Nearly End Results)

Ok, the carpet installer finished yesterday and we both are totally happy with the results!
So, apparently, is Gizmo. She's checking things out. When I got home last night from work, I vacuumed and then DH arrived home and we started moving stuff OUT of the kitchen and bedroom and back into the living room/family room.

It was kinda like that one show on HGTV, where they have unorganized people empty their house while it's being remodeled and then they move stuff back in, but in a much smaller quantity. Well, that's what I'm going to do. I'll move stuff back, but not nearly all of it. Some of it is just clutter and will go to the storage room in the garage for a garage sale next Spring.

And here we are after putting some of our furniture back. The blue recliner (with my rag quilt on it) you see below will go into the family room after we purchase new chairs Monday. I'm not sure what we'll do with the burgundy colored swiver rocker and rocking ottoman.

Oh, we had partial curtains up, just for looks. I took them down and planned to put up new ones, but gosh...I'm liking the way the room looks without them. Again, they were just decoration. We have mini blinds on the window for privacy at night. This will be a Winter project, to be sure.

And here is a shot of the family room and our huge oak rolltop desk. Gizmo was helping DH assemble it here. DH is actually hooking all the wires together for our computer. There's a surge protecter mounted inside the desk there where he's working. It's a pretty good setup. But BOY that desk is heavy. We took the top off and moved it by itself and it was heavy. Then moving the base....sheesh! I went to StuffMart and bought some of those slider/movers for carpet. Made the job of putting the desk back MUCH easier!

You certainly can't tell from the picture, but DH said last night that the family room looks wider with the lighter colored carpet. I agreed with him. It does seem much larger.

Now I'm off to buy trim paint and get them up. It will really finish off the rooms.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Labor Day weekend and be safe!