Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Teacher Fabric Gift Bag

Wow, the lighting in the photo on this one makes it look good, huh?
This one was a TON of fun. I like using the bright colors, even though this one has alot of black on it.

I had fun buying embellishments for it. Below are the number buttons on grosgrain ribbon. Also a close up of the grommet.

And here is the lining shot. These bags are 15.5 x 15.5 inches and that's before sewing about a 3 inch bottom. So they're not the usual tote bag size, but just a smidge smaller.

And here's the other side with the ABC buttons! Also on the left is a pencil iron-on applique and a notepaper button, too.

Ok, think I've sewed enough? Not yet, folks! Up next will be a quilter's fabric bag. It's suppose to be more "formal" and not so "fun". Yeah, we'll see. Fun is way more fun than Formal! :)


BjP (Bev) said...

I love love that teacher bag! I gotta order that pattern! :)

These are the kinds of things I so enjoy making - fairly quick (?), lots of different fabrics and embellishments, and using lots of creativity.

All your bags look fabulous and how nice of the shop to gift you with the small iron. Happy to hear they are very appreciative of your good work!

Suzanne said...

Precious! I am a teacher and would LOVE to receive one of these! Keep up the good work. S