Friday, August 3, 2007

Quilter's Fabric Bag and a surprise!

Ok, this should be the last of those fabric bags my quilt shop wanted me to make. This one is for a quilter. Duh, huh?

Again, it was lots of fun to embellish, but the quilt shop wanted it to be a bit more "formal", so I tried, but failed. I was having too much fun!!

Those funky buttons came out of a shoe box full of buttons I inherited. And I fussy cut those two patches and sewed them on and then frayed the edges a bit with a toothbrush. I had used that technique with the Christmas strip quilt I did recently.

Of course, the jumbo sized rick rack. And here is the lining and handles. Another creation done. I'll take it to them tomorrow. They have a really cute bag for me to do next, but it won't look like anything you've seen here so far. Stay tuned for the "Puppy" bag. You're gonna love it!

Oh yeah, the surprise. I got a pedicure WITH a flower and jeweled center! TEE HEE! :)

Hope you all have a great weekend! God bless.


Charisma said...

CUte toes!! I love them! OH--yeah--cute bag too...but I love the toes!

Anonymous said...

"Tee! Hee!" that's ME!! Neat!!
Rhonda in Montreal

Anonymous said...

Donna, what HAPPENS to your beautiful bags? Does the quilting shop sell them? Do you donate them?... Curious in Montreal