Thursday, August 9, 2007

THE Purse, Part I

Ok, here it is. This is the long awaited (at least by Charisma) purse. I showed Charisma the book called Bag Boutique and this is the purse she picked out. She let me pick out the fabric and I know what she likes. I presented it to her today (a day early) for her birthday at lunch. She LOVED it!

It's about 10x12x3. Not too big.

Here's a shot of the lining and the pocket. It's actually a double pocket.

And for fun I added *bling*. Unfortunately, I took this picture before adding the bling. Sorry about that. She loved the bling anyway! Happy Birthday Charisma!!!

When I showed the Fabric Patch this purse, the owner and one worker gave me fabric and are paying me to make them a purse just like this one.

Stay tuned for their purses.

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Charisma said...

I love my bag! Thank you so much! I think I may have to buy that book just b/c it is such a pretty bad and they are great gift ideas! ANd I love the fabric you chose! they are so MEEEEEE! and you know it is all about me , right?I love you! Thank you so much!