Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nothing Happening I Can Share

Ok, I imagine in my mind that there are many of you out there checking in and reading my blog. Yeah, I live in a dream world, but at least I'm being honest here. And it's been a week since I blogged. Only because I have nothing really to blog about.

Oh yeah, I'm sewing up a storm, but nothing I can show here. You see, my quilt shop is preparing for the shop hop in October and I've been sewing up the shop samples. I can't show them here because they're suppose to be secret. Yeah, I know. Most of you live hundreds of miles away and can't go on our shop hop, but still I am not allowed to show the samples yet.

But I will, after the hop is in progress. I'm on my third quilt sample for them. Yes, three! Can you say "overachiever"? Each quilt is exactly the same pattern, but you will be pleasantly surprised to find out how different they look simply by using totally different fabric.

Oh, the high school reunion dress? I just have to turn under the armhole edges and sew them down and then hem it. It's done and looks good. But that event is about a month away.

So, that's all that's happening. Oh, and just to enclose a picture, (which I always do) here is one from the southeast part of Washington state. DH and I like taking pictures that we can use as background on our computers. This one came out great for that purpose. Hopefully, you can use it to, if you like.

Take care everyone! And keep sewing!

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Bev said...

Beautiful picture! The normally green landscape here in the Midwest has been replaced by drying corn and yellow grass due to the drought. Ugh.

I doubt any of your readers would object if you blogged a bit about your non-sewing life, too. Anything else you would like to share only makes us get to know you better, and I think that would be great!