Friday, August 31, 2007

Living Room, Part IV (We Picked a Winner)

I called this blog entry "We Picked a Winner" because Emily surely thinks so. When I arrived home last night from work, the man was just finishing up for the day. He had put some new tack strips down, laid out all the padding and stapled it down (into my BHF, no less!!!) and has the carpet down and cut somewhat to fit. Today he will finish the job. I am loving it!

And here is Emily again.....totally enjoying the carpet, don't you think? Maybe she's just getting "high" off the carpet glue fumes. I guess we'll never know.

And this is how I found her this morning in the hallway. Sheesh....she's pathetic! She never lies like this.

And for those of you somewhat's a close up of the carpet. The brand is Mohawk. It's nylon and, as mentioned previously, it is not suppose to show any traffic patterns. The color is called Crackled Glaze. It's rather light in color and the dark threads you see are very dark brown. Again, I am loving it.

Can't wait for Monday. New chairs!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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