Thursday, August 30, 2007

Living Room, Part III (aka BHF)

Ok, this is Carpet Day. DH worked tirelessly yesterday pulling up the old smelly carpet and padding. He also had to pull out a gazillion staples. He has a blister on his hand for it. All together now.....AAAAAHHHHHHHHH....

Ok, that should hold him.

Now on to my Beautiful Hardwood Floors (BHF). Oh my gosh....they're OAK! And I love them. Too bad DH doesn't like squeeky, loud, uncarpeted flooring, huh? I'd be tempted to call the carpet installers and tell them we've changed our mind. But since I've paid for half of the carpeting already and they're set to come might not be a good idea. Oh, and if you double click on the picture, you'll see Gadget, aka the Brat Cat.

Ok, here's another shot of my BHF. You can really see the difference in paint colors in that corner. The white wall is actually a nice tan and the tan wall is actually a nice rich brown. Oh, did I mention my BHF?????

This shot was taken standing on my BHF looking into our family room which originally was the carport. The tiles you see are industrial strength. Can't wait to cover them in carpeting!!

Here's another shot of my BHF, yet again! Today, they will be covered in new carpet. Bummer.

Ok, thanks for indulging me while I go on and on about my BHF. It's just that natural wood is beautiful to me. And I had no idea that these floors would look so nice and have such rich color and character. Each slat is either 12 inches or 16 inches.

I have one consolation. After the carpeting is in, if I want to view my BHF, I can go to my sewing room. They're also in there. It's just this area is so much larger and the wood is really rich. Makes me want to really get in and scrub my sewing room floor and refinish it so it looks as deep and rich. Nahh........!

This weekend we're off to the big city to buy two go in our new living/family room. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Charisma said...

I love these floors--I paid money for mine and they aren't as pretty as yours!