Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Living Room, Part II (aka Painting 201)

Ok, I've had to repaint the living room because the one wall in the shot below (that circle is light coming through the window, btw) was painted one shade darker than the rest of the walls and down the hallway. But you couldn't tell it was one shade darker. So I went Sunday and got a gallon of paint that was one more shade darker (the paint strip from the store has 6 colors on it in varying shades) and painted not only this wall below but the large wall that divides the house.

This shot below is part of that large wall. You can really see the difference in the light painted wall on the left and the two shades darker wall next to it. I love it now! And that's all the matters, right???? :)

DH (bless his heart) went through about 400 Q-Tips getting the corner perfectly straight. We couldn't use blue painters tape because the corner is not square and there's a slight texture on the wall and the paint would have "crept" under the tape.

Here is the same wall that goes toward our kitchen. The other reason I wanted this wall to be darker is because when I painted the light on all of it initially, it looked the same color that I just painted the kitchen in June. I didn't want my entire living room and hallway the same color as my kitchen. So, out came the darker shade. Also, that lighter shade pretty much matched the NEW carpet color and I didn't want my walls the exact same color as my carpet. I imagine people coming over (no one does) and as soon as you walk in the front door you say to yourself "ohhh...tan". Lovely thought, huh?

BTW, the carpet is coming tomorrow!!! DH is home today emptying the rooms of their final contents. Well, as much as he can do alone. The large oak roll top desk in the family room will have to be dismantled to get it out of that room. I'll have to help him carry it. Also, we opted to remove the old carpet and padding ourselves to save a few bucks. So, DH will start removing it today, too. He said he'll make it easy on himself and cut it up so that he doesn't have large chunks to haul out of the house. Makes sense!

Oh, and here's an interesting shot below. I'd love to have a psychologist analyze it for me. Here are our three cats. The oldest, Emily, is in the highest spot, the red chair. Next (in age, too) is Gizmo, relegated to the ottoman. And below them is Gadget, who btw has the cushiest spot...the comfy cozy cat bed. Interesting, huh?

Well, I can't wait for the carpet. I'll post pictures tomorrow of the empty rooms. THEN!!!! The carpet!

Have a great week everyone!

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Charisma said...

I love it---it made such a huge difference! The cats are your biggest critics I am sure!