Sunday, August 26, 2007

Living Room, Part I (aka Painting 101)

Ok, once again DH left me home alone for the weekend and so I painted the living room in preparation for new carpet (yah!) that's coming Thursday and Friday.

Here is a somewhat before picture. The table is from the kitchen which is just to the right behind the fireplace. The entertainment center in the back corner usually has our television on it. But I'd started to clear the room, not only for painting but because all the rooms have to be emptied for the carpet installers.

As you can see, the walls are It was nice when DH decided to do it without asking me, but now we've lived here 8's time for a change.

Oh, DH added that high shelf, too. The cups you see there are my collection of British Royal Family Coronation souveniers. There are some Charles/Diana cups and some Queen Elizabeth II coronation cups and even some King George/Queen Elizabeth (Elizabeth II's parents) coronation cups from 1937. Cool, huh? Don't ask how I got started collecting them. I honestly don't know other than I remember when I saw them, I thought they were really beautiful with their insignias on them, etc. I am going to sell them all except for the plates. I think a few of the nice plates hung on a smaller type wall would be nice.


Here's a shot showing the carpet that's coming up. It's a blue/gray and shows the traffic patterns, which I hate. That was the one thing I told the carpet saleslady....I wanted new carpet that didn't show the traffic patterns. So, that's what I picked out. It's a tan/sandy color nylon carpet. I'm trusting that the traffic patterns WON'T show....EVER!!!

Also, if you enlarge the shot by double clicking on it, you'll see another reason why we're replacing it. It's gotten stretched and has wrinkled badly. It looks awful.

The third reason for new carpet??? Maybe I can enlist some advice from you. We have three cats. One, Gizmo, was brought here after DH raised them in a shed near his shop. He brought her home because she was the runt. She'd been used to a litter box, but there was some old carpeting in the shed and if the litter box was really full, she'd "pee" on the carpet. So...guess what she does at our house? She's about 4 years old now. Spayed. And I don't think she does it anymore, but all along the wall edges of this carpet in our living room....she's pee'd. DH and I can smell it, but I've asked people who come over if they can smell it and they always say "no". But we can smell it.

So, you ask, why new carpet if the cat's going to pee on it? Yeah, I've asked myself that question, too. It was simply time for new carpet. We bought some spray and a black light off the internet. We're both really keeping the cat box clean, so she'll use it. She's not an outdoor cat....she's more like a "scare-dee cat", so kicking her buttola outside won't do. And I love her too much to "kill" her for peeing on the carpet. So we'll pray over it and watch her. Now...advice anyone? I'm all ears, honest.

Ok, I digressed. Here are the walls AFTER. When DH got home, he took off the rest of the door trim and he took down the shelf. The tan paint is called "Pita Bread". And, without realizing it, it's practically the same exact color I painted the kitchen in June. Oh well.

Also, see the blue recliner below? I talked DH into two new chairs for us both. We don't have people over. We don't entertain and it's just the two of us 99.9% of the time. So, I asked DH if we could spring for new furniture, too. I picked them out Saturday and DH will go look Monday and have the local furniture store order them. Two large Laz-y-Boy rocker/recliners. In Brown. Yeah!!!!

Notice my helper in the chair? That's Gadget. She is also a runt and she's 9 months old and totally RUNS the house. The other cat not mentioned is Emily, who is about 9 years old. Since Gadget loves the blue chair, we're going to delegate it to the family room, which is in that doorway you see. That's where we have an oak desk, computer, and TONS of books. There's a love seat in there, but we never use it. So the blue chair will take it's place. Maybe it will get some use. While one of us is on the puter, the other can sit in the chair and visit.

Here's a close up of the two paints. The one on the right is the Pita Bread and the other is called Stone Harbor. It's one shade darker and I bought a quart and painted just one wall for "effect". Yeah, right. You can hardly tell. Oh well.

So, sorry this post is so long, it's just that there was alot to tell/show you. So, all totalled, I painted the eating area, the living room and down the hallway.

I also want to say here: Thank you for the very nice complimentary comments I've received on other posts. They are appreciative.

Hope you all have a great week.


Donna Hodgson said...

Drat, I can't get that HTML code out of there. Sorry folks.

Bev said...

Boy, you are really going through a change! You'll feel like you have a new house!

A few years ago, our 9-yr-old only female (we had 3 old cats at the time) started urinating on the carpet. Sprays didn't stop her, cayenne pepper didn't stop her (yes, an Internet suggestion), laying of plastic, nothing. She'd just find another spot.

After a few expensive trips to the vet for tests and meds (nothing physically wrong), we all finally figured out that she hated the young female cat in the household (brought home a few months earlier by our daughter after her college graduation). She must have thought she was being dethroned by the other female because that was the only thing that had changed in her life.

The vet said a urination problem is the hardest of all behaviors to correct in cats and it's the number one reason for euthanasia. He said we'd basically have to live with it or put her down, which I could not do. Our last stab at correction was to put her on a low-dose of Valium. It corrected the problem, but it seemed cruel to watch her be so lethargic and falling off of things. I'm not kidding - one day wobbled right off the counter and fell to the floor. We took her off of it after a week and she magically quit peeing where she shouldn't. Shortly thereafter our daughter and her kitty moved out and the problem was gone.

Based on our experience, I guess I'm just wondering if the problem cat is hatin' on one of the others - like the runt your hubby brought home? Look at what has changed in her environment. And, it's worth taking her to the vet because female cats do get infections and stones.

And then keep your fingers crossed that she doesn't like the smell of new carpet! And sorry this was so long! :)