Friday, August 31, 2007

Living Room, Part IV (We Picked a Winner)

I called this blog entry "We Picked a Winner" because Emily surely thinks so. When I arrived home last night from work, the man was just finishing up for the day. He had put some new tack strips down, laid out all the padding and stapled it down (into my BHF, no less!!!) and has the carpet down and cut somewhat to fit. Today he will finish the job. I am loving it!

And here is Emily again.....totally enjoying the carpet, don't you think? Maybe she's just getting "high" off the carpet glue fumes. I guess we'll never know.

And this is how I found her this morning in the hallway. Sheesh....she's pathetic! She never lies like this.

And for those of you somewhat's a close up of the carpet. The brand is Mohawk. It's nylon and, as mentioned previously, it is not suppose to show any traffic patterns. The color is called Crackled Glaze. It's rather light in color and the dark threads you see are very dark brown. Again, I am loving it.

Can't wait for Monday. New chairs!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Living Room, Part III (aka BHF)

Ok, this is Carpet Day. DH worked tirelessly yesterday pulling up the old smelly carpet and padding. He also had to pull out a gazillion staples. He has a blister on his hand for it. All together now.....AAAAAHHHHHHHHH....

Ok, that should hold him.

Now on to my Beautiful Hardwood Floors (BHF). Oh my gosh....they're OAK! And I love them. Too bad DH doesn't like squeeky, loud, uncarpeted flooring, huh? I'd be tempted to call the carpet installers and tell them we've changed our mind. But since I've paid for half of the carpeting already and they're set to come might not be a good idea. Oh, and if you double click on the picture, you'll see Gadget, aka the Brat Cat.

Ok, here's another shot of my BHF. You can really see the difference in paint colors in that corner. The white wall is actually a nice tan and the tan wall is actually a nice rich brown. Oh, did I mention my BHF?????

This shot was taken standing on my BHF looking into our family room which originally was the carport. The tiles you see are industrial strength. Can't wait to cover them in carpeting!!

Here's another shot of my BHF, yet again! Today, they will be covered in new carpet. Bummer.

Ok, thanks for indulging me while I go on and on about my BHF. It's just that natural wood is beautiful to me. And I had no idea that these floors would look so nice and have such rich color and character. Each slat is either 12 inches or 16 inches.

I have one consolation. After the carpeting is in, if I want to view my BHF, I can go to my sewing room. They're also in there. It's just this area is so much larger and the wood is really rich. Makes me want to really get in and scrub my sewing room floor and refinish it so it looks as deep and rich. Nahh........!

This weekend we're off to the big city to buy two go in our new living/family room. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Living Room, Part II (aka Painting 201)

Ok, I've had to repaint the living room because the one wall in the shot below (that circle is light coming through the window, btw) was painted one shade darker than the rest of the walls and down the hallway. But you couldn't tell it was one shade darker. So I went Sunday and got a gallon of paint that was one more shade darker (the paint strip from the store has 6 colors on it in varying shades) and painted not only this wall below but the large wall that divides the house.

This shot below is part of that large wall. You can really see the difference in the light painted wall on the left and the two shades darker wall next to it. I love it now! And that's all the matters, right???? :)

DH (bless his heart) went through about 400 Q-Tips getting the corner perfectly straight. We couldn't use blue painters tape because the corner is not square and there's a slight texture on the wall and the paint would have "crept" under the tape.

Here is the same wall that goes toward our kitchen. The other reason I wanted this wall to be darker is because when I painted the light on all of it initially, it looked the same color that I just painted the kitchen in June. I didn't want my entire living room and hallway the same color as my kitchen. So, out came the darker shade. Also, that lighter shade pretty much matched the NEW carpet color and I didn't want my walls the exact same color as my carpet. I imagine people coming over (no one does) and as soon as you walk in the front door you say to yourself "ohhh...tan". Lovely thought, huh?

BTW, the carpet is coming tomorrow!!! DH is home today emptying the rooms of their final contents. Well, as much as he can do alone. The large oak roll top desk in the family room will have to be dismantled to get it out of that room. I'll have to help him carry it. Also, we opted to remove the old carpet and padding ourselves to save a few bucks. So, DH will start removing it today, too. He said he'll make it easy on himself and cut it up so that he doesn't have large chunks to haul out of the house. Makes sense!

Oh, and here's an interesting shot below. I'd love to have a psychologist analyze it for me. Here are our three cats. The oldest, Emily, is in the highest spot, the red chair. Next (in age, too) is Gizmo, relegated to the ottoman. And below them is Gadget, who btw has the cushiest spot...the comfy cozy cat bed. Interesting, huh?

Well, I can't wait for the carpet. I'll post pictures tomorrow of the empty rooms. THEN!!!! The carpet!

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Living Room, Part I (aka Painting 101)

Ok, once again DH left me home alone for the weekend and so I painted the living room in preparation for new carpet (yah!) that's coming Thursday and Friday.

Here is a somewhat before picture. The table is from the kitchen which is just to the right behind the fireplace. The entertainment center in the back corner usually has our television on it. But I'd started to clear the room, not only for painting but because all the rooms have to be emptied for the carpet installers.

As you can see, the walls are It was nice when DH decided to do it without asking me, but now we've lived here 8's time for a change.

Oh, DH added that high shelf, too. The cups you see there are my collection of British Royal Family Coronation souveniers. There are some Charles/Diana cups and some Queen Elizabeth II coronation cups and even some King George/Queen Elizabeth (Elizabeth II's parents) coronation cups from 1937. Cool, huh? Don't ask how I got started collecting them. I honestly don't know other than I remember when I saw them, I thought they were really beautiful with their insignias on them, etc. I am going to sell them all except for the plates. I think a few of the nice plates hung on a smaller type wall would be nice.


Here's a shot showing the carpet that's coming up. It's a blue/gray and shows the traffic patterns, which I hate. That was the one thing I told the carpet saleslady....I wanted new carpet that didn't show the traffic patterns. So, that's what I picked out. It's a tan/sandy color nylon carpet. I'm trusting that the traffic patterns WON'T show....EVER!!!

Also, if you enlarge the shot by double clicking on it, you'll see another reason why we're replacing it. It's gotten stretched and has wrinkled badly. It looks awful.

The third reason for new carpet??? Maybe I can enlist some advice from you. We have three cats. One, Gizmo, was brought here after DH raised them in a shed near his shop. He brought her home because she was the runt. She'd been used to a litter box, but there was some old carpeting in the shed and if the litter box was really full, she'd "pee" on the carpet. So...guess what she does at our house? She's about 4 years old now. Spayed. And I don't think she does it anymore, but all along the wall edges of this carpet in our living room....she's pee'd. DH and I can smell it, but I've asked people who come over if they can smell it and they always say "no". But we can smell it.

So, you ask, why new carpet if the cat's going to pee on it? Yeah, I've asked myself that question, too. It was simply time for new carpet. We bought some spray and a black light off the internet. We're both really keeping the cat box clean, so she'll use it. She's not an outdoor cat....she's more like a "scare-dee cat", so kicking her buttola outside won't do. And I love her too much to "kill" her for peeing on the carpet. So we'll pray over it and watch her. Now...advice anyone? I'm all ears, honest.

Ok, I digressed. Here are the walls AFTER. When DH got home, he took off the rest of the door trim and he took down the shelf. The tan paint is called "Pita Bread". And, without realizing it, it's practically the same exact color I painted the kitchen in June. Oh well.

Also, see the blue recliner below? I talked DH into two new chairs for us both. We don't have people over. We don't entertain and it's just the two of us 99.9% of the time. So, I asked DH if we could spring for new furniture, too. I picked them out Saturday and DH will go look Monday and have the local furniture store order them. Two large Laz-y-Boy rocker/recliners. In Brown. Yeah!!!!

Notice my helper in the chair? That's Gadget. She is also a runt and she's 9 months old and totally RUNS the house. The other cat not mentioned is Emily, who is about 9 years old. Since Gadget loves the blue chair, we're going to delegate it to the family room, which is in that doorway you see. That's where we have an oak desk, computer, and TONS of books. There's a love seat in there, but we never use it. So the blue chair will take it's place. Maybe it will get some use. While one of us is on the puter, the other can sit in the chair and visit.

Here's a close up of the two paints. The one on the right is the Pita Bread and the other is called Stone Harbor. It's one shade darker and I bought a quart and painted just one wall for "effect". Yeah, right. You can hardly tell. Oh well.

So, sorry this post is so long, it's just that there was alot to tell/show you. So, all totalled, I painted the eating area, the living room and down the hallway.

I also want to say here: Thank you for the very nice complimentary comments I've received on other posts. They are appreciative.

Hope you all have a great week.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nothing Happening I Can Share

Ok, I imagine in my mind that there are many of you out there checking in and reading my blog. Yeah, I live in a dream world, but at least I'm being honest here. And it's been a week since I blogged. Only because I have nothing really to blog about.

Oh yeah, I'm sewing up a storm, but nothing I can show here. You see, my quilt shop is preparing for the shop hop in October and I've been sewing up the shop samples. I can't show them here because they're suppose to be secret. Yeah, I know. Most of you live hundreds of miles away and can't go on our shop hop, but still I am not allowed to show the samples yet.

But I will, after the hop is in progress. I'm on my third quilt sample for them. Yes, three! Can you say "overachiever"? Each quilt is exactly the same pattern, but you will be pleasantly surprised to find out how different they look simply by using totally different fabric.

Oh, the high school reunion dress? I just have to turn under the armhole edges and sew them down and then hem it. It's done and looks good. But that event is about a month away.

So, that's all that's happening. Oh, and just to enclose a picture, (which I always do) here is one from the southeast part of Washington state. DH and I like taking pictures that we can use as background on our computers. This one came out great for that purpose. Hopefully, you can use it to, if you like.

Take care everyone! And keep sewing!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Purse, Part III

Here is the black/red purse I made the other day. This one goes to the shop owner of The Fabric Patch. She gave me the fabric and I sewed it up. I personally picked out this fabric as some that would make a lovely purse. The owner thought so, too!

She especially liked the "puffer fish" fabric. So, I placed it front and center.

The side of the bag below.

And a somewhat blurry picture of the inside. Personally, I LOVED the lining fabric. Notice the pocket "came out" on the front inside?? Drat! I was tired while sewing it up. But the owner didn't mind one bit. Bless her heart!

I've since made ANOTHER purse from this same fabric, but a different arrangment. I've given it to a friend. I tried something different with that purse. The button I found (I forgot to take a pic) is a mother-of-pearl type large flower button. I mean about 2 inches large. I didn't want to do a buttonhole for it. So I bought the magnetic purse closure snaps and then I hot glue gunned the button to the outside. My friend is to tell me how that wears!

Last weekend, enroute to family reunion (blogged about below), I also bought more "winter" fabric that my friend Charisma loves. She's going to get a "winter" purse next! And I bought some beautiful bright coral colored fabric for another one.

Definitely have purses on the mind, huh? There are worse things to sew, right? Like a silly dress for a 30 year high school reunion coming up in a matter of weeks!

Have a blessed week everyone!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Family Reunion

Just when I thought I'd blogged about my family reunion, up comes DH's family reunion. But theirs is different than ours. Ours....we get together the third weekend each July religiously. Theirs...they haven't gotten together since 1987! Phew!

So, here is a shot of just the second generation....the cousins! DH is the tall man in the back. This shot has at least 2 cousins missing....DH's twin brother and sister. They couldn't/wouldn't come. Their loss!

I cannot tell you how welcoming this bunch is. They were so warm to DH and I and it was fun because we were all in the same boat. NO ONE KNEW EACH OTHER!

We had name tags that had our names on them and who our parent was. DH's said he was Floyd's son, so everyone would know who he was. I forgot to mention, this is DH's father's side of the family. DH's father is one of 9 siblings. Only the youngest is left alive. And then come the cousins. Take a close look at that picture. Some cousins are approaching 80 (I think). DH is the youngest of his cousins. In my family, I'm third youngest among all the cousins.

Anyway, we had a great time. DH had never met most of these people. There were about 50 of us who showed up. We had a potluck luncheon and talked our heads off!

I still couldn't get over how much fun it was AND....I got them to have another one next year. I told them how "we" meet once a year, same time and so they've decided to claim the first Saturday each August as "their" time. So....this time next year...I'll have more pictures.

There was one group shot with all of us in it, but since I was in it, I didn't get a shot of it. I will await whoever has that shot to send it to me. DH and I would love to see it.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Purse, Part II

Ok, this the second purse. It's the same fabric line (Amy Butler) as Charisma's purse shown in the post prior to this one. It's just this is in blues and greens and not pinks.

Also, the owner of this purse wanted a shoulder strap, so the book "Bag Boutique" (link in previous post) tells you how to cut for it. I decided that two straps would over power the purse, so I just cut one and added them at the side seams.

Bling got added to this purse, too. But I didn't get a shot of it before giving the bag away.

Again, these are small purses. 10x12x3 approximately.

Here's a shot of the lining and pocket. This owner wanted it sewn deeper into the bag and so I obliged and also divided it off center. In other words, this is a divided pocket, just not down the middle.

These bags are so much fun to make and so easy and so quick.

Next up will be the purse for the owner of the Fabric Patch. It's in deep reds/blacks/grays.

Have a great day everyone!

THE Purse, Part I

Ok, here it is. This is the long awaited (at least by Charisma) purse. I showed Charisma the book called Bag Boutique and this is the purse she picked out. She let me pick out the fabric and I know what she likes. I presented it to her today (a day early) for her birthday at lunch. She LOVED it!

It's about 10x12x3. Not too big.

Here's a shot of the lining and the pocket. It's actually a double pocket.

And for fun I added *bling*. Unfortunately, I took this picture before adding the bling. Sorry about that. She loved the bling anyway! Happy Birthday Charisma!!!

When I showed the Fabric Patch this purse, the owner and one worker gave me fabric and are paying me to make them a purse just like this one.

Stay tuned for their purses.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Doggie Bag Anyone???

Sooner or later, everyone needs a Doggie Bag. Well, here's mine! Or actually, here's the one I made for the Fabric local quilt shop.

The pattern for this cute bag comes out of a book entitled Fast, Fun and Easy Fabric Critter Bags. I admit that on other fabric, such as the samples in the book, the TEETH come out looking really goofy/cute. On this holstein/dalmation fabric, they blend in a bit too much for me. But "we" didn't know this before "we" sewed it up.

I got to pick out the collar fabric. That's always the fun part. Double click on the picture to make it larger. See the tail??? The fabric for the ears and tail is a brushed faux suede fabric that is really soft. They actually feel like a dog's ears.

And one of the other fun things about this bag was arranging the face parts to suit it. Here they are on my table. I had lots of choices as far as where to put the buttons on the black circles and where to put the black circles on the white circles, etc. You get the idea. AND....the really funny thing is the nose is made out of a CAT'S paw button....but don't tell anyone!

So, I'm obviously in a huge BAG mood, huh? Stayed tuned, more to come. The Charisma bag will be presented to her tomorrow and then I can show you others I've done with the same pattern. Hope you're all having a blessed day!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Quilter's Fabric Bag and a surprise!

Ok, this should be the last of those fabric bags my quilt shop wanted me to make. This one is for a quilter. Duh, huh?

Again, it was lots of fun to embellish, but the quilt shop wanted it to be a bit more "formal", so I tried, but failed. I was having too much fun!!

Those funky buttons came out of a shoe box full of buttons I inherited. And I fussy cut those two patches and sewed them on and then frayed the edges a bit with a toothbrush. I had used that technique with the Christmas strip quilt I did recently.

Of course, the jumbo sized rick rack. And here is the lining and handles. Another creation done. I'll take it to them tomorrow. They have a really cute bag for me to do next, but it won't look like anything you've seen here so far. Stay tuned for the "Puppy" bag. You're gonna love it!

Oh yeah, the surprise. I got a pedicure WITH a flower and jeweled center! TEE HEE! :)

Hope you all have a great weekend! God bless.

I Got Simpsonized....and I hate that show!!!

Ok, I hate this show. In fact, I hate everything about it. But I saw it on Gorgeous Things blog and just had to try it. It was mildly entertaining. A gal in my office says it looks just like me, so I must have done it right! Go Simpsonize Yourself. And have fun!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Teacher Fabric Gift Bag

Wow, the lighting in the photo on this one makes it look good, huh?
This one was a TON of fun. I like using the bright colors, even though this one has alot of black on it.

I had fun buying embellishments for it. Below are the number buttons on grosgrain ribbon. Also a close up of the grommet.

And here is the lining shot. These bags are 15.5 x 15.5 inches and that's before sewing about a 3 inch bottom. So they're not the usual tote bag size, but just a smidge smaller.

And here's the other side with the ABC buttons! Also on the left is a pencil iron-on applique and a notepaper button, too.

Ok, think I've sewed enough? Not yet, folks! Up next will be a quilter's fabric bag. It's suppose to be more "formal" and not so "fun". Yeah, we'll see. Fun is way more fun than Formal! :)

More Fabric Gift Bags

Just when you thought I was done with fabric gift bags.....! Here is one I completed a bit ago. It's just like the Christmas gift bag (same size/style) but it's in Retro 70's fabric.

As you can see, I had a lot of fun embellishing this bag. This rick rack is JUMBO sized and I sewed both sides down (not just one stitching line through the middle). It's about 1 inch wide. I found a cute tube of buttons at a stamping/craft store and bought them, because they were the perfect earth tone colors for this.

And before I left for my family reunion, my local quilt shop gave me this mini iron to have!! I told them I wanted to take my sewing with me, but not my iron or ironing board. Then they thought of this and presented it to me as a gift for all the sewing I do for them. How nice is that???

And the iron worked perfectly, albeit small! It didn't take up much room and I brought a sleeve board along as an ironing board. Both worked great.

And, since I can't figure out how to add another picture to this blog and have it appear at the bottom of my blog (or where I want it to go within the blog), I will submit another entry for the Teacher Bag.