Thursday, July 5, 2007

Uniquely You...or is it Uniquely Me??

Ok, on a website a visit (alot) called Pattern Review, a "thread" started on Uniquely You dressforms. Since I have one, I tried posting photos from Photobucket, but had trouble. It's so much easier to blog here about it and post the pics here and then put this link into PR.

But before I shock you with a naked picture of my "Annie", here is our little Gadget kitty. She's 8 months old today!!

And here is a close up of Annie. Yes, people really do name their dressforms. This is a close up. You can see the sports bra I've put on her and then covered her with a tricot short sleeved shirt to make the test garments slide right on. I've always heard that you're suppose to put a bra on that you normally wear, but she's so "perky" that the sports bra smooshes her just right; Well at least to mimic me.

Here's a side view. As I told the gals on PR, my tummy is not that flat, but Annie's and my waist measurements are exactly the same. So, she must be wider than I am, huh?

And here's a full front shot. Click on the photo to enlarge it. As you can see, the cover is stretched down, but it doesn't go ALL the way to the bottom of the form. But close enough for me. I'm not fitting pants on Annie.

And...hold your she is naked! you see why I had to put a sports bra on her. Dissection was a possibility, too! But I couldn't take the knife to Annie, so I went with the alternative.

Yowser! Good thing she's all covered now. I could barely stand to look at her. (blushing)

But she's great! She's my size from the shoulders down to the waist. She's very lightweight (I move her from sewing room to guest room) and I do use her neck as a pin cushion. She's fully pinnable. And she's been a great sewing buddy.

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