Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reunion Sewing

I already told you I took my Singer Featherweight along for the family reunion. Mostly because I love to sew, it was going to rain all weekend and my almost 90 year old mother was with us and she loves to watch the Seattle Mariners play (baseball).

So, after we arrived at the condo, DM turned on the game. DH took a nap (he drove the 6 + hours) and I immediately dug out my sewing.

Below is a gift bag made from fabric. I had two to make. This one made out of really nice bright fabric and another made from earth toned 70's mod-type fabric. (I'll have to finish it and post pictures later).

I had to finish it today when I got home because I didn't have any grommets to attach the handles with. My local StuffMart didn't have any in the sewing section, but the gal who owns my local quilt shop found them in the camping section. They had this wonderful pack of 20 grommets and the attaching tools. They were real cheap and were in the camping section because they are used to repair tents. Who woulda thunk it to look there? Not me!

The one side is done in turquoise and the other in bright pink. Now you have to realize I'm not really a crafty type person. I sew, true, and I quilt, but I don't usually embellish. Well I got my feet wet this weekend (no pun intended). I had a blast embellishing these bags.

Notice the varigated rick-rack, the different odd-sized buttons, the pom-poms, the grosgrain ribbon AND I fussy cut two huge flowers and appliqued them on the large tone-on-tone pieces. One on each side.

Here's a picture of the lining and the grommets and handles (which I thought was a great idea).

Oh, and here's the pattern. It's called Gift Bags for Christmas #266 by Cotton Way.

Again, I'll post pics of the other one. I'm going to finish it tonight.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Charisma said...

Those bags are darling! Good job! I love the fabric they chose for you. You are doing such a great job for them!