Monday, July 23, 2007

Family Reunion..The Pacific Ocean

My father's family has gotten together for family reunions every Summer since about 1965. For the past 6-7 years, we've gathered at Moclips, Washington.

We typically arrive Friday afternoon and leave Sunday noonish. It's a 6 hour drive from home. Saturday afternoon we have a huge barbeque. Tons of food! And Saturday night we gather for a campfire and pass out the song books and sing the old songs our parents and grandparents loved. There are some great family classics like "The Burglar Boy Song" and "I've Been Working on the Railroad".

Here is a picture I took early Saturday morning with the ocean to my back. There are three buildings, two facing the ocean and one perpendicular to the ocean. The condo that DH, my mother and I shared is in the middle building. It's a one bedroom with a kitchen and deck. They are very nice and between our family and one other family (who we don't know), we take up all three buildings for the weekend. And we reserve one year in advance, so we're set for Reunion 2008.

It rained all weekend long. Literally, all weekend long. We are die hards, so we had our BBQ in the rain under canopies that were brought for shade from the sun! And our campfire singing this year was in a condo, gathered in close. By close, I mean there are 50 of us. Not everyone sings, but most join in.
Since it rained all weekend and we knew this before leaving home, DH let me graciously take my Singer Featherweight sewing machine and work on two projects I'm doing for my quilt shop.
Sunday morning we took a break after checking out and got together for our annual family pictures. The first one below is just the guys. They consist of my male cousins and my female cousin's husbands and all the male children. If you're interested, DH is third from the left! (Remember, clicking on the photo will enlarge it greatly). You can see my mom sitting in the chair on the right (white hair).

This photo below is of the ladies. DH took it from the side. He was also filming and there were alot of men lined up to take their pictures, too.

Someday I'll post a photo of the entire group. We knocked on a condo door and got a nice lady to come out and take our picture so we can all be in it. I can't wait to see it.

I am in the top row on the left wearing the two tone blue jacket. My mother is sitting in the chair on the far right, second one in. Wearing a tan coat. She will be 90 in November and we all sang Happy Birthday to her early!

Another great year, another opportunity to be with family. These cousins of mine are more like my brothers and sisters. Each one is special and it's so nice to get along with everyone!

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