Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fabric Gift Bags

Ok, when I first started on these gift bags, my local quilt shop wanted me to do Christmas bags. They handed me some fat quarters and the pattern and off I went. I bought the rick-rack and pom poms. I had a button stash that I used. I think these turned out pretty good. This is just the Christmas bag.
Here is the lining. I was so excited because I got to pick it out and I loved this Peppermint Candy fabric. And it goes really well with the entire bag.

And this bag has a closure tab, so for the quilt shop, I sewed it up, too.

So, to keep things straight, this Christmas bag was the first one I did. Then I did one just like in retro 70's earth toned fabrics (not shown). These two bags are about 12"x18"x3". Quite tall, really.

Then for the reunion, I worked on two more bags. One shown earlier in the bright pink and blue fabric and the other not shown yet. Those bags are more 15"x15"x3".

The quilt shop loved them and they sold out of the pattern immediately. They have an order placed for a dozen more because they have come up with more gift bag ideas for me. The next one they're working on cutting the fabric for is a Teacher's Bag! I can imagine little apple buttons and pencil appliques, etc. The mind boggles!

So, that is it for today.

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