Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Class Reunion Dress, Part III

1. The instructions in Power Sewing for inserting an invisible zip might be great if you're got slinky or slippery fabric. But I don't! This linen/cotton isn't the least bit slippery and therefore I got lost on the instructions. So, I just did it myself. It came our great (no bragging here, honest). I was very happy with the way it turned out. Can't tell where the bottom of the zipper ends and the dress back seam begins! AND you can't see the zipper in the back seam. Isn't that the point???

Ok, here's a bad self-portrait.
2. I've discovered in the many times I've tried the garment on, that I don't need the zipper!!! AAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Ok, I feel better now.

3. I ended up taking in the side seams so that they are 1 inch each side. AND, I ended up taking in the back princess seam from the waist to the armhole so that they are 1 inch, too.

Now I am liking the fit!!!

I need to do the facings here!! I'm thinking about either fussy cutting them so that there is no embroidery on the side of the dress OR cutting them out of quilter's cotton that I have that's solid black. What do you all say???

If I use the quilters cotton, I've got to prewash it. It's going to be slightly less weighty than this linen/cotton, but I think it would work for facings. AND I'm going to attach the lining to the facings like Erica B did.

I've got the neck facing and the armhole facings. I think I'm going to make this the original boat neck style neckline and not the notched "v" neckline. I will save that for another dress because I can tell already that when I'm done tweaking this one, (which I think I am) I'll be making more.

I can still buy that to-die-for pique from Sawyer Brothers. Did you all click on that link in the other post? It's takes you directly to the fabric I want to buy and not the home page of SB.

Ok, I'm going to put the dress aside for now and begin another 15x15x3 inch bag for the quilt shop. Oh yeah, I've got to remember to post pictures of the other one I did in the 70's retro fabric. DH will be home soon from his "shop" (read: playhouse) and he wants to go golfing!!

I need to golf because sewing is not an aerobic activity!


Marji said...

Donna, I'd make the facings from the fashion fabric.
If the embroidery isn't bulky, don't worry about it turning up on the facing, if it IS bulky, use a safety razor (like the kind you shave your legs with) to carefully shave the embroidery off. That's also a really effective way to "rip out" machine embroidery that gets goofed up.
As soon as you shave off the top of the loops of the embroidered area, the rest of the threads will pull out fairly easily.
I wouldn't use a broadcloth to face a linen. The point of a facing is so that the little bits that are visible to the public look like the face of the dress.

Marji said...

forgot to answer the 2nd part of the question: underlining will greatly reduce wrinkling. I'm not sure lining will accomplish that.

What the lining will do is protect the fragile backside of the embroidery from abrasion and from catches.

If you're making another linen dress and want to reduce the likelihood of wrinkles, underline with something like silk organza.

BTW, that S-B pique is beautiful.

Charisma said...

I will just say--I love the fabric! I can't offer you any advise b/c I don't sew clothes--haha! I am good at picking colors. HOw are you ? Where have you been??

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna!
How was the Reunion?? Fun??
You looked really nice!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal