Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Class Reunion Dress, Part I

Ok, *gulp*, this is what I'm going to be working on in the next few hours. Realistically, it will be a week! It's not that I'm slow. I just don't own a single dress and have never sewed one! I've read all the reviews on this beauty on Pattern Review and other ladies' blogs. So here it is.

The reason for this dress is two-fold.
1. I want to sew a dress. Especially one I can wear to work sometimes.
2. I need something to wear for my 30 Year High School Class Reunion coming up on September 22. I thought to myself...."hey, you something for the reunion". Some thoughts are better left alone, but this one wouldn't lie still.

I'm going to make View A. The one on the upper right part of the picture. BUT, I may make a sleeveless version of view D which is the tall pic on the left. I like the "V" neckline of that view, but want it sleeveless. And someone else who sewed it up said the short version (B) is too short. So that leaves that out!

Here is the fabric. It's 55% linen, 45% cotton. I've washed it and dried it twice. It should be totally preshunk, right? "More Fabric Savvy" by Sandra Betzina says to minimize wrinkles, iron the heck out of it (my translation) BEFORE washing it the first time. Apparently, it helps "set" the formaldehyde. EWWW... I had no idea linen was made with formaldehyde! TMI :)

I'm lining it in a black (soft) broadcloth. The embroidery on this linen will be too itchy, and it's a tad see through. Double click on the picture to enlarge it and then tell me what you think!

I think it's going to be nice enough for an evening (read: semi casual) dress. This reunion is being held at a casino. Yuk. But, the lights will be soft and it will be darker than I expect. All the more better to hide any sewing ooops, huh?

AND to top off all the stress, I'm installing a 20 inch invisible zipper! I've only ever done one and it was for the quilt shop on a baby's pillow ring. It came out ok. Just ok.

So, today DH is at the property and I'm in my sewing room. Gosh, I can't remember where I read this but I'm not going to make a muslin of this garment, per se. Someone (and I think it might have been Ann aka Gorgeous Things in an article for BeSewStylish) said to use your lining as a muslin garment! What a fabulous idea. After all, this pattern has the fronts for B, C & D cups, so that eliminates most of the work, right? Yeah, we'll see.

I've read Erica B's blog (see June 19, 2007) on this dress about twenty times. I want mine to come out like hers. I tried to find pique, but couldn't. Well, I did actually, but it's at Sawyer Brook and they want $14.95 a yard. It's drop dead gorgeous (pique) fabric and if this dress works out to fit great, I'm splurging and buying that fabric. I need 3 yds of it, though! I guess $45 is not a LOT to spend on a dress, right? I'll just wait and see.

OK, off to the sewing room! Hope you all have a great weekend. God Bless!


Marji said...

I had no idea you had a blog - you're sandbagging!
This dress should look really nice in a that linen. I'll be watching with interest.
And you know that help is an email away if you feel you need it.

Charisma said...

Hey Donna, I love the fabric--and I have no doubts, your dress will be "fabulous!"

BjP said...

Oh, I'm afraid of that fabric! But I hate wrinkles, ANY wrinkles, and I've never ever been satisfied with any kind of linen and just won't use it. I'll be keeping an eye out to see if your pre-ironing and lining keep it wrinkle-free. Who knows? If you have success, I'll consider it again!

I also didn't know you had a blog, but I most definitely will be reading it from now on. I love those bags you are making and I think I just might have to make some soon!

Anonymous said...

Love that fabric Donna. I'm sure the dress will turn out great,looking forward to seeing it on Pattern Review. BTW the bag you made was very nice.

OP Gal said...

Hey, cool fabric. Anybody who can quilt can make a dress. A dress is much less precise. It'll be a standout!

Marijke said...

Good words.