Sunday, June 24, 2007

While DH Was Out, Part II

Ta Da! Done! Well except for the wood trim that goes on top of the countertop splash board thingy...what do you call it??

Charisma was absolutely right. I LOVE the color. It's funny, it's the exact color of the switchplate covers. But I am LOVING it!! It feels NEW and CLEAN.

The above picture shows my new CLEAN kitchen. I took the liberty of taking the stove apart and cleaning it (which I normally do). Scoured the sink. Mopped the floors.

Cleaned the windows inside and out. The sunlight on the counter in front of the microwave is from a skylight that is just above it. (If you click on the picture to make it larger, you'll discover I took this shot BEFORE cleaning the windows and you'll be able to see why we need the trim on top of the countertop back splash.)

I even took the liberty of buying a NEW papertowel holder! Yeah, I know. But the other one was a blue plastic ugly OLD thing. I tossed it and got a new METAL cool looking one. Yeah, I's still a paper towel holder! But it's new for my new kitchen.

I need to find some artwork or some plates to display or maybe sew a small wallhanging to go over the sink. I actually was thinking of getting some fabric that matched the painted walls, the counter tops, black for the appliances and white for the sink and my window blinds are an off dark red. That would make for some interesting patchwork, huh?

But that's another project. For another day.

Hope you are having a great weekend! Enjoy your Sunday.


flowermama said...

Hey, nice job on the redo. Good to meet you in the PR chatroom too. Let's chat again sometime.


OP Gal said...

I just noticed your blog address at the bottom of a post, so thought I'd check it out. Great job on the kitchen. Love the colors. My kitchen is blue and white because I collect Delft, so I love blue kitchens! I'm putting your blog on the bookmark section of my Yahoo! home page. I love your sense of humor, so I'll be expecting some witty blogs to read. No pressure, you understand. ;-)

Charisma said...

NIce kitchen--I am glad to help--with color choosong that is....I was having fun while you were working...although--I have alot of work to do now that I am home!