Saturday, June 23, 2007

While DH Was Out, Part I

This is what I do when DH is gone for a partial weekend. I remove the wallpaper from the kitchen walls and paint. Of course, he knew about it before he left. He just doesn't realize what's transpired, that's all.

To begin with, we bought this house June 1999. The couple who lived here owned it for 25 years and raised their family here. Then they were empty nesters who wintered in the south with their motorhome.

Fastforward to 1999. DH and loved the house the first time we saw it. Well, I loved it the first time I saw it. But, hey, I had been living in an apartment for 4 years. So, we bought the house.

The lady who lived here must have loved wallpaper, because it's in about every room but the living room and one bedroom. She did a pretty good job, but it's now 8 years older and it's starting to wear on me. A couple of years ago, I re-papered the bedroom (one wall only) and repainted the other walls.

This year it's the kitchen. I decided I was tired of the wallpaper and wanted to take it all down and paint. So, in the picture below, here I am in progress yesterday. As you can see, the wallboard underneath the wallpaper has been painted green. (yuk) The wallpaper came off in two layers. First the wallpaper and then the paper backing. Not too bad a job. I used a commercial product and it took me 2 hours total to clear the walls. Notice some of the scraps on the counters (which I love, btw-the counters, not the scraps!)

Here's a more complete picture, still in progress. Note the wall above the cupboard. It will be painted, too.

Now for color... The living room and kitchen eating area are a nice light blue, courtesy of DH. I'm not crazy about it, but it's there, nonetheless. I knew I didn't want blue on the walls in the kitchen and I knew I didn't want an apricot color, because the bathroom, our bedroom and my sewing room (a former bedroom) are all in that color. Don't ask me how that happened. I did that painting and haven't a clue how I did it. They aren't all the same exact color, but you can't tell that by walking from room to room. They look the same. (I smell another project coming!)

Anyway, I digress. Sorry. My friend, Charisma, has excellent taste and I have none, so I picked up some paint chips at StuffMart and she said "this one". She said I would love it. It's called....get this....Hazelnut Creme! How great a name for a kitchen, eh??? I love it! Thanks Charisma.

Now for the good part. When I removed the wallpaper, I discovered that the walls weren't textured (as in the rest of the house). They were pretty smooth with the normal defects. So, I spackled the defects and then set about buying two cans of spray on texture. Not the cheapest form of texturing, but the easiest and most popular (according to the gal at the hardware store who sold me the stuff).

So, last night about 10pm, I was spraying the kitchen walls down. The texture literally dries in like 5 minutes. I couldn't believe it. But I let it sit overnight. A girlfriend from my office brought me about 6 chick flicks to watch while DH was gone. WOO HOO!

The picture below just about shows you the entire kitchen. The dark units on the right are my black fridge and black built in oven. When we bought the house, all the appliances were black, so we had to have a black fridge. The sink is white though. You would NOT believe what HD wants for a black sink! We "settled" for white. The kitchen in whole is not a bad size. Nicely laid out. Nice cupboards, still. DH installed new kitchen sink and faucet in 2005. I'm loving my kitchen. But, wait. I haven't even painted yet.

Hence, Part I in the title. Stay tuned for Part II!

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Charisma said...

Hey Donna--nothing like working while hubby is gone!! What are you thinking --you should not do that--or he will expect it every time he leaves! hahaha