Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sewing and Racing...or is it Racing and Sewing??

Well, here it is. Early Sunday morning before DH is up. Two of the three cats are outside enjoying the 79 degree weather already.

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I finished all 12 pieced blocks for that quilt due in October. I also stitched borders on all the 13 blocks cut from a panel. Now all I have to do is square them up and trim them down to 8.5 inches each. (The panel squares, not the pieced squares). I don't know why, but I always have a difficult time squaring something up. I'm afraid I don't have it square and when I go to trim it, I've trimmed too much.

DH and I went to the races last night here at our local speedway. It's a Summer event each Saturday night that we (mostly me) enjoy. Last night when we left the house, it was 94 degrees and DH said it was too hot to go. So after I pouted, he relented. It was great. The stands are in the shade and there was a very gentle breeze and I went sleeveless all night long. That's a new one for me, because I'm the first to get cold at events like this.

The racing was great. Especially the hobby stock class. The race started with 13 cars and finished with about 8. A couple hit the wall, and one dropped it's front (fiberglass, fortunately) bumper and then proceeded to run over it!

They had the Faster Teacher Race last night and one unfortunate young man who races well loaned his car to a teacher who put it into the wall and from what we amateurs can tell from the stands bent a tie rod. He was out for the night and he was mad. Probably the last time he loans his car for THAT event. I wonder if the teacher offered to help him pay for the repairs.

Well, we're off to get ready for church. I have no idea what the plans for the day are. Probably to stay inside and stay cool. Which translated means: MORE SEWING!!!

Note to Charisma: You comment on this entry and I'll comment on yours. We seem to be the only two reading each other's blog, huh? Love you!

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