Thursday, June 14, 2007

Waiting for the Weekend

Well, it's pretty quiet around here (the office). My prosecutor won't be back in until tomorrow, so I've been tying up loose ends around here and thought I'd blog a bit.

Tuesday, DH was planning on spending a few days at our property but twisted his back, so that didn't materialize. I had planned on sewing while he was gone! Instead, I haven't even been able to sew because he comes home early from being so sore/hurt and instantly falls asleep for the night. Now, I'm not loud when I sew, but the room I use is adjacent to the bedroom and the wood floor in my sewing room creaks so that's not conducive to sleeping. (insert "bummer" emoticon here)

So, last night I started a jigsaw puzzle on the kitchen table. A nice quiet jigsaw puzzle! Ho-hum. But it kept me entertained. You see, DH and I unplugged the TV cable almost 7 years ago. What a godsend that was! Now we live instead of veg. But I have to admit, jigsaw puzzles on the kitchen table it not my idea of "living".

Too windy and cool here to sit outside on my patio in the evenings. I sure will be glad when Summer decides to park it and stay a while.

My friend, Charisma, and I had a nice lunch yesterday and gabbed until we dropped. Sewing mostly. We are both wanting to do a Heart Bargello quilt. She has the kit complete with fabric and pattern. I have nothing. We are going to plan for when DH is gone to the property and take over the house! I'll get my fabric and in Charisma's words "you can read the pattern and tell me how to make it". HAHAHA...she's real funny! Little does she know...! We'll stay up all night long and piece. We usually do this when we attend quilt retreats. Long after the others have retired for the night...there's Charisma and I with her quilt top spread out on the floor, measuring for borders and pinning them on. What memories. 3 am borders. When we start to pin them on, I start on one end and she starts on the other end and what usually happens is I can pin about 10 times faster and by the time I'm done, she's put in say...TWO...pins to my 22! Oh well. Those retreats are fun! Don't go if you plan on sleeping, though.

Well, this is as boring as boring can be. I had better sign off before I put myself to sleep!
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Charisma said...

You Know Donna it is not my fault that you are "TURBO PInner" I am just lucky to get my quilt done at a retreat! Thank God for you or I would be up until 8 in the morning still working on my borders!!hehe

Donna Hodgson said...

You're just lucky to get your quilt DONE???? What's up with that? If I'm "turbo pinner", you're "turbo piecer"! Sheesh!!!! :)