Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Seminole Table Runner

On Saturday, Cindy, from my local quilt shop, The Fabric Patch, gave me a kit to make up a table runner for display at her shop. It's an Atkinson Design called Seminole Table Runner. It's very simple to make. In fact, I had the pattern already and had made it up as one of the first quilt projects I did. That was back in about 2004.

Then last year I bought this same kit from her. It came with the pattern (that I already had), so I gave the pattern to Charisma. And then I decided to use the fabric to make Christmas placemats instead of the table runner.

So I thought it was really cool to get to actually make the table runner again with the fabrics I had used for the placemats.

Here is the beginning of the piecing. You make 4 patches and then sew a two patch to each end. Then a 6.5" piece to the end of that.

I placed them on my design wall. It's the diagonally laid fabric below. Also, along side of it I put my as-yet-unfinished placemats. They're really a nice match.

When I blog tomorrow, I'll show you a close up of the fabric I'm using. The green is a batik with different trees on it. The two reds are batiks and the white is just white with red polka dots on it. After I sew the rows together on the table runner to make the large diagonal piece (yes, it's not sewn together yet), I'll trim down the ends and allow it to stand "on point". Quilters language for placing a square on it's point. Also, remember, clicking on the photo greatly enlarges it.

Thanks for the nice comments on my kitchen re-do. DH loved it. He returned home from the property after working Friday and Saturday there. Remember I told you about all the tons of mosquitos there? Well, he sprayed himself down, but apparently missed a spot because he returned home with about 300 bites on his back near the shoulders. OUCH!!! I've soaked them down with baking powder and water paste. Takes the sting/itch right out of them. He's been trying not to scratch.

So, while I had a great time around the house by myself, he had a miserable time scratching bites!

Such is life. Take care everyone!

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