Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pattern Review Website

As you can see from my blog links, Pattern Review is a website for sewers. I have been a member for two years now. It's a great site. I can't believe how much I've learned from the ladies there (and some gentlemen, too).

One pattern everyone recommends is Simplicity 4076. There are three views and a TON of ladies have sewed them all up and reviewed them on this site.

I have attempted and am in the process of sewing view A/B, the cross over top. I haven't gotten it done because I'm also trying to finish sewing two western shirts for my son, who will be 19 on July 5. So, views A/B are sitting there waiting to be finished.

In the meantime, I've gotten really excited about view C/D. I've read up on all the reviews of this view and printed out tons of helpful hints. Now if I can just find the time to sew them up!

I'll attempt to post pictures of my progress. That way, this will be a sewing blog, which was my main intent when I started this. Hasn't happened yet, but I have squeeked in a few quilt pics! :)

The prosecutors at my office are all at a conference this week and won't be back until Monday. I haven't alot to do, so I may be working on altering this pattern for a possible FBA (full bust adjustment, to you non-sewers). I'm not convinced I need one. I'll have to flat measure the pattern first to decide.

And, my friend Charisma and I are going to be making a heart bargello quilt. It's third down the list actually called Melinda's Heart, but most of us call it a heart bargello. Charisma has her kit in the colors on that website. Pink to burgundy with greens. I want to make this a wallhanging (albeit a large one) out of blues to white and cream. I need to go buy my fabric. Then she and I will sit and sew! Ladies, this is not a quilt to be making while enjoying, say a glass of wine! Too complicated and will require some concentration on my part. I say "my part" because Charisma is going to leave it up to me to decipher the instructions! It will be easy, once we get going. I'll try and post the results as we go. We're waiting for a weekend where she and I can be alone at my house to sew until we drop. Knowing us, that will be the wee hours of the morning, because we can sew until 3 or 3:30 am!!'s off to the races!! Have a great week everyone!

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