Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Patio - After

Flowers. Just to show you "all" that I know what they are: (clicking on photo will open it up larger)

The pink are called Impatiens and the white are Alyssym. They love shade. Which is a good thing because that's what I have plenty of on our patio. I bought two bags of potting soil that will feed up to nine months. (Or so the package says). That should be enough to get these babies past the summer, huh?

These, of course, are marigolds. I love marigolds. The bugs hate marigolds. Another reason why I love marigolds.

All colors of them.

And just to show you I can do is the "before" shot.

I know, I know, the flowers aren't much in the photos, but they're really bright and colorful in person. Had dinner out there the other night. I asked DH if he liked eating outside like this and his answer was a very simple "yes".

That's all a gal can ask for, right? Adios!

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