Sunday, June 3, 2007

My Private Retreat...aka The Patio

Ok...I'm going to post some pictures and I thought I'd start with our back patio. I love the hot weather and I've wanted for some time to make our back patio a "retreat". So, a couple of years ago DH and I bought two chairs and metal table at StuffMart. The chairs had one single seat pad. That's it. And the table was wobbly. So this year I went back to SM and bought a nice set of chair pads.

This is looking from the alleyway. I cleaned the BBQ, table and chairs off AND I wanted a nice cozy area rug to really finish it off and make it seem more like a ROOM. Well, yesterday, I thought I'd go back to SM and find a nice blue braided oval area rug. But then I thought that I remember buying DD a small area rug for her college dorm and that it's rolled up and stashed in the garage, so out it came yesterday morning. A good vacuuming (probably the first time it's seen a vacuum) and it was like new! It's not blue, but it works. AND, the table isn't wobbly any more! As you can see the patio is covered and during the day when I'm going to be out there, I usually roll up the privacy screen for more of a view. But this was taken early this morning, so I didn't roll it up.

As you can see, I'm no decorator! I got a small rather nice looking clock for over the door leading into the garage (because there is NO wall space back there) and a large thermometer for the wall to tell me how much I'm allowed to sweat while back there!

So-far-so-good. DH and I had breakfast there this morning and this afternoon, I've put up a small table near the back door and I've got my roaster there cooking a nice roast for dinner. The roaster is really nice AND I don't have to heat any part of the house to cook dinner. I don't know about DH, but I'll be eating dinner there, too. In fact, I could practically live there, I love it so much. Even undecorated.

So, you decorators out there...what does it need to be more "sanctuary" like? And I don't mean "church" sanctuary! I'll gladly review any/all recommendations! Thank you.


Charisma said...

HEy Donna--You need some plants! Buy some big pots in all different colors and plant some ferns or flowers that like shade! That will make it very bright and Cheery!-I hope to have all of my yard work done so I can start decoration adn collecting little pretty things here and there!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same - plants!!!

That is the only part missing in this lovely retreat. :) Enjoy!